Why Inherent Meanings Inside Words Spoken Of Is The Only Skill You Really Need

Mohan Manohar Mekap
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It was a beautiful place. The entire place is full of nice and software environment where Vedic chants, as well as more and more religious feelings, come out of it. There is everywhere the presence of divinity presence which creates one of the nicest and spontaneous divine presence.

This place was of sage Karna deva who has been staying inside this part of the jungle with complete humility and proper divine presence. That was the school of sage where many students used to read there. In ancient times, there were no such school provisions like the present education system has and continue to provide more and more provisions for educating students in that school.

There has been the much nice presence of the large number of trees in and around that jungle school of sage Karnadeva. A beautiful river was flowing out there.

Its waters are cleaner and provide the nicer and cleaner water present for the inmates of that jungle school. That river was beautiful with enchanting presence. Everywhere and in and around every part of that jungle school is well surrounded by the enchanting presence of jungles and the entire place is full of trees and shades which make available of nicer and greener environment at its peak.

Sage Karnadeva was staying in that place with his disciples. He generally provides many pieces of advice to his disciples in the form of extracts from Vedic chants and sermons. One day, as usual, he is continuing his sermon session and all of his disciples are found there. He told them that within the inner side of every animal there stays Almighty the Lord of Universe.

He stays within every man and women, animals and even smallest creature in the universe. That is why no one should ever be afraid of these, animals are within their inner heart there always stays the presence of the Lord of Universe.

After hearing out such nicer and deeper pieces of advice from the sage, all of his disciples are very much happier and continue to be interested in his sermons so as to feel the presence of the Lord of Universe everywhere. All of his disciples are now slowly understanding that one should not ever be afraid of anyone as all of these living creatures of the earth are the embodiment of the Lord of Universe.

All of these students remember this sermon. One day one student with some work has to get to the nearest town. There was some work and it has done down in town. He was remembering the words of sage Karnadeva and for this, he was walking carelessly on the road. In the meantime, while walking recklessly on the road, he suddenly saw the presence of one mad elephant out there.

It was clear that it was the king’s elephant. The elephant is now bad and moving recklessly and destroying everything on the road that has been confronted with him. At one point of time that the mad elephant was pet elephant of the king.

In the meantime, the master of the elephant is shouting furiously to nearby people to go away from the front of the elephant, the elephant has gone mad and not in my control. After hearing these people have fled from that places and try hard to run with all of their might to move away from that place.

The disciple of sage Karna deva did not hide to continuous warnings posted by the master of the elephant. He is still walking towards the city and incidentally, the mad elephant was also coming from that direction.

The disciple was only thinking about what his teacher has told him about that within hearts of every human as well as animal be it the big or small presence of the Almighty is there and that is the reason for his fearless walk towards that road.

He was walking fearlessly on the road and not considering the constant warning from the master of the elephant at any point in time. In the meantime, the mad elephant reached the nearer of this disciple and then took him by his trunk and then raised him and then put down on the ground with a stronger force.

Luckily, he was alive but sadly the inner bone had broken off with him and inflates huge pain for him. In the meantime, this news reached in the school of age Karnadeva and another disciple reached that spot of the accident and took him to the jungle school.

Now, sage reached the injured disciple and asked him how such state of accident happens? How you had hurt yourself? Why such state of yours? The disciple provides the answer to said that one mad elephant was running towards me while I was towards the city.

But despite repeated warnings from the master of the elephant I was fearless and did not move from that place at any point in time. Because I was thinking about your chants and pieces of advice and I stood there in front of him stronger.

The idiot elephant came near to me and then took me by his trunk and then raised me and throw me out of that place and get him to the ground forcibly. According to your advice within the hearts of everything their present lord of the universe and for this I was fearless and stood there with equal might and strong senses.

Sadly, Lord of Universe broke my bones. Your advice proves to be false as there is no Almighty within him otherwise the infuriated elephant should not have broken my bones apart.

The sage does not deter from this acquisition from his disciple. He looked so calm and the divinity just arises from his sense. He asked politely to the disciple, weather and one sat on the back of an elephant out there. The disciple told dear sage.

He was telling me repeatedly to move away from the front of the elephant as it has gone absolutely mad. Sage told the disciple, that master of the elephant at that juncture was performing the role of Lord of Universe, and he was providing and sounding and alerting you and you should have listened to his words and should have move sidewards in order to avoid this collision.

Dear disciple, you have listened to my words, but merely hearing and understanding the words do not suffice as you should have put your intelligence while listening to my pieces of advice. Sage advises his pupil that you should have listened to the inner words of my advice and should have understood the hidden meaning behind what I have told about you.

You have gone with the perfect wording of mine and instead could not understand it as in this situation the master of the elephant was performing the role of Almighty and he continues to warn you several times but you have ignored it completely because you have gone with the wording of my pieces of advice.

You have understood the hidden truth behind every word told of you. Those animals that have more reasoning powers behind those persons the power and presence of Lord has always there in more manner and those animals which have lesser reasoning the power of Lord of Universe should be conveyed in terms of more reasoning person and this time with the help of the master of the elephant.

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