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Mohan Manohar Mekap
4 min readDec 22, 2020

Webdevelopment is the main criteria where we do find more and more difficulties in dealing with WordPress based self-hosted sites which works in two way manner is that of one it first needs to connect to a content management system and then it runs a website in yours web browser.

In the Chrome for android version 87.0.4280.101 I found a new feature from its Settings menu.Then go to P:rivacy and Security and then go to Secure DNS and click on the drop down and then select Google Public DNS. See the screen recorder.

I updated Google Chrome for android in my Android 10 device and then I browsed my website as this is my regular habit to see whether my website is live or not but I found this on the webdeveloment of chrome for android. I found the following error with Chrome of android.

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  1. Webdevelopment-DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN in Chrome
  2. Webdevelopment tutorials How to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN on Android for Chrome

Webdevelopment is a difficult subject and here I found that my website is appearing in all the other web surfaces but not in this android for chrome. Now after changing above mentioned steps to change DNS now my website is showing the above expression and not rendering at all. This article is about this fact of webdevelopment where we have to solve this in order to make my website appear promptly and securely.

Then I check my website on weather it is down for me or for all in the web services and in this webdevelopment I found that my website is live but not showing on my web browser. This means the problem is with my device or web browser and I have to solve it out to know the status of my website any time I choose to see.

DNS is the short name of a domain name system. When there are difficulties in configuration or problem with DNS server then the above mentioned error comes to the webdevelopment point of view in chrome web browsers. DNS are nodes of websites and it connects to varieties of webs servers and then website appear on web browsers.

In this case DNS failed to connect with servers and provide the right kind of Name server which reality helps the website to run easily on user’s webbrowser.

  1. Update Chrome webbrowser from Google Play Store
  2. Open Google Chrome for android and then go to SETTINGS
  3. Open Privacy and Security and then go to Clear Browsing Data
  4. On Clear Browsing data go to advanced and then select all and then clear data
  5. Then restart Chrome and run your website and see if it is running on android for chrome or not.
  6. If this does not work then go to Google Play Store and then install Chrome Dev or Chrome Canary and then run your website on it to see whether it is working or not.
  7. If this process does not work then try the followings
  8. Open Settings menu, then Manage Apps, and then search for chrome and then click on Chrome and then scroll down and then click on force stop and then it will stop chrome forcefully and then in this webdevelopment click on force stop and then go to android home screen and then click on Chrome app and then it will open chrome and then run the website to see whether it is working or not.
  9. If this is not working then try this step. Open Chrome in android and then in its address bar write down Chrome://flags and then click on enter and then it will open different chrome settings and then click on reset all and then it will restart chrome for android and then run the website again to see whether it is working or not.
  10. Update Google Play Services and if it is there then see whether chrome is running yours website or not.
  11. If these steps are not working then go for changing DNS settings in android device. First enable WiFi and then connect to the WiFi network. And then click on the WiFI network and then click on modify network and it will ask for password of WiFi network and put it and it will open the settings, and then click on show advanced option and then change the IP setting to static and then change the DNS1 and DNS 2 address to Google DNS
  12. Google DNS means And or if you want to change it to cloudflare then set it to and And save and then open chrome and run the website to see whether it is working or not and most probably this will run yours website without errors..

Originally published at https://www.mohanmekap.com on December 22, 2020.