The Secret Guide To Abstract Reasoning

Mohan Manohar Mekap
6 min readSep 30, 2018


Oh, unbelievable. What an awesome moment it is. Just looks at the sun the enchanting presence of it. One of the most valuable presents and the most treasured and memorable presence of the sun it has been. Oh, beauty the sun is shining like the summer flower with purple colours.

The shining factors and the momentum glory seem to be at its glorious best. Purple shining part of the Sun is making the presence inside the surface of the Earth has been so tremendous with the strongest feeling of the nice and wild presence of who is the authority.

It seems much the thought has been preserving on her thought processes and continues to present many awesome and anticipated moments to feel the presence of sunshine which normally has been most of the times is in this part of the world.

It seems like the entire world is a stage we are part of it and continue to provide and deeply enraged with ours own respective terms and partial embodiment and continue to provide more and more anticipated as well as provisions for greater portions of understanding so as to find out more vivid and presentable understanding part of life where we tend to find out more and more interesting life out of it.

From the morning to the evening we have seen the presence of the sun all the time and continue to provide more and more interesting aspect of what life could it have been.

We have seen the presence of humans as the perfect embodiment of life as well as presence of objects that are being in correspondence with each other where we tend to anticipate more perfection and understanding to create such trends of artificial intelligence where every form and factors of it should present and provide awesome ways to estimate and think just like the human brains do.

For almost over more than 80 years people have been and continue in their endeavour towards meeting the perfection and provide one of major anticipated ways to understand and provide awesome experience to life where most of these paths of survival tend to find the perfect awesome moments to enjoy and continue to present one of the most vital aspects of life.

Just think of some moments if the entire world is it starting from the objects have life and most of these are moving entities than it should have been more difficult for us to continue their life within such circumstances. If everything moves then it becomes difficult for humans to sustain inside the earth.

Just think of it, when we are living inside such earth and it is always moving at the circular machinery presence and at the same time moving around its own axis does not impact or show that earth is moving even if we stay inside of the earth. That is why we are able to stay within the premises of the earth in a good manner.

That is why we also tend to feel better with the various object not moving here and there and that makes entire possibilities staying and thinking rationally, otherwise most of our attention could have been fixed inside the movements of other objects here and there and continue to provide more and more vivid and the most widely difficult part to estimate what the life could it have been.

Just think of it while driving on the road we tend to find that the trees that are standing beside the road, started to move and that could pose the most difficulties part of thinking as if we are in the state of complete absurdities. That means we are not living inside the state of complete absurdity.

It is true because now we are thinking about creating such a state of life where we tend to find about more and more information about to create, such the presence of artificial intelligence which works within machines, robots and other elements of electronic instruments where we tend to find enough information about such more and more visible part of life and objects tend to understand each other as well as understand what humans tend to confer to us and tend to intimate more and more pieces of information sharing with each other.

So what it is, if objects do not have life attached to it but still mind can be installed on it, with the form of understanding two parts of important characteristics, similar to what the storage options on brains do it such as our brain does have a huge repository of information, and storage places so as to maintain a wide database elements that should make running of thinking of reasoning embodiment to work in nicer and efficient manner. An important part of understanding where the presence of memory has very many limitations attached with machines such as computers such as memory is the biggest problem as so for unlimited memory attached with computers has not been the major problems with it.

That is why storing of each and every piece of information and then updating of such pieces of information from time to time as well as removing redundant pieces of information does take huge tasks of understanding the way our brain works as well as the functionalities of brain goes on and if one needs to make the presence of artificial intelligence out there one need to find out more and more informative as well as standard output to make that such creation artificial intelligence within machines can be the harder tasks that it was originally thought of.

In order to reach at the stage of complete reasoning one needs to have huge repository of information where we tend to find the most possible forms of informations through the process of extreme understanding of huge information where we tend to find pieces of information sharing as well as the most vital information sharing we tend to find that such state of abstract reasoning one need to have found that such storage pieces of information need to be stored inside mental memory stages.

For artificial intelligence to work properly, one need to completely understand that till the time we have not yet discovered the amount of infinity storage options, which could ultimately make the presence of knowledge banks for artificial entities such as computers and other electronic devices and should provide awesome and manageable ways to drive out the points of reasoning and passage of reaching to absolute conclusion becomes order of the day.

That is why there is no need to create an entire replica of the brain but it is high time to create the way humans understand the way matters of intelligence works and performs outshines every other facet of life altogether.

It is high time not to consider how the performance of brain works but how such state of neurons as well as cells interact with each other at the particular point of time and creates absolute response mechanisms so as to present themselves with the wider aspect of understanding of how the brain works.

In order to present the presentations of artificial intelligence, we have to create such wide repository of the memory of every object concerned so that ultimately the process of reasoning towards the state of abstract reasoning comes out from all these memory banks.

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