Take a tour inside Vipre antivirus software program

I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15z and gifted to daddy on his sixtieth birthday, this desktop was powered by Windows 7 and very good. It was Windows 7, a completely overhaul operating system , even , I was a bit hesitant at first go as sometimes it did feel to me to have gone into shell,

with it different GUI and with due course of time, of course, I learnt it and then, I told daddy, to use it as at the first instance daddy who always admired Windows XP, and still to date was hesitant to use Windows 7 , but due to the gift I gave him and for the sake of my love he had accepted the challenge all by himself but daddy insisted me to install his favourite Vipre antivirus software on it, as I was surprised to learn that daddy had always favoured Vipre antivirus software .

Daddy told me to remove the Microsoft antivirus and install Vipre Antivirus, as I asked him politely what was the reason behind this, he told me that the ease at with he was with Vipre antivirus software was something special and the way it runs and updates itself, that ensured the personal computer would be always on at latest security and the best part was the customer service, very friendly, congenial and feel at home conversations between and help.

It was true and the way Vipre Antivirus worked in a seamless manner had been the greatest asset and a brilliant time saver.

The biggest problem with Windows latest version was that it would not be working with legacy systems but I installed Vipre Antivirus 2012 and it worked and then the latest Vipre Antivirus 2013 it worked and then dad told me that he knew, there were smarter people out there at Vipre Antivirus and they were doing absolute work that would straightly benefit the users and as with common notion we knew customer was king that was the motto always been there and it should be at all cases.

I smiled back. After unsuccessful attempt to install Microsoft Security Essentials, I was bit worried over Windows 7 , as daddy would be using it and I want an antivirus that would be simple to use, with seamless integration and silence updates and scans and even scanning of unwanted pages and blocking them and then again going through some of the most scrupulous work of scanning of emails , which came at heavy numbers as daddy just after retirement , busy in writing many subjects as he said his motto was now to know internet better and for this , there should be a good antivirus to be installed on his personal computer, daddy looked at me , and it was natural , parents would know without asking a word about us what was our current thinking process going on .

It was natural for them, as we as the offspring had the elements of them and that was the reason they knew us beforehand and daddy told me not to think otherwise or went for another antivirus, just use the latest version of Vipre antivirus software and he said he was triple sure that it would work and it would be a great asset for his newly workaholic operating system.

Though I was competent in the field of the computer I always prefer to go with daddy’s word whenever I faced difficulty in the decision-making process and as usual this time so, I decided to install Vipre Antivirus on the new desktop. I know this product should not be installed on any type of storage media that may be inaccessible at times.

This includes network drives, removable drives, hot-swappable drives, USB drives, and FireWire (IEEE 1394) drives that may be disconnected. The first and foremost work for me was to ensure if any such devices were connected or not, and after ensuring this I proceeded for Vipre antivirus software installed. Daddy told me to investigate about antivirus software installed by the vendor during the purchase or not, then I went to Add Remove program and observed each and every program to know the veracity and then, I was doubly sure that not any other conflicting anti-virus was there and then started the installation of Vipre Antivirus.

If any other conflicting antivirus present on your personal computer, then you could go to Vipre antivirus software support website for more help and assistance.

The most prominent attribute of it was to continuously preserve your PC from security threats and that did magic as with the way it had gone through for security parameters came with able hands and it was always at the top and that guaranteed you to use this wonderful security software which had many potentials. According to VB Bulletin, it got 100 per cent in terms of security from external inbound and outbound tests four years in a row and that was an enormous achievement.

While blocking phishing and malware sites, it blocked the entire page, so that it ended any such possibilities of your computer to be infected. During its idle stage, CPU usages were only 0.4 percentages, it was minuscule and while scanning it was nine to 10 percentages of overall CPU usages.

While doing internet and opening many tabs, there was no significant increase of CPU load and this did tell this story of this lightweight Vipre antivirus. The interface was fast, you did not have to wait for its interface to load as it did not use flash in it so it was very light.

Vipre Anti-spam protection gets 100 in my test with zero false positives and it works seamlessly and blocks spam within inbuilt Windows email client. It has one beautiful feature known as Easy Update, which would scan for your system to get the trace of un-patched software like that of iTunes, Firefox, Adobe and so on and it would ask you to update it and it worked in an efficient manner so in this way it was blocking any such third party software vendor’s un-patched software by giving you the option for updating it.

Vipre optimizes the overall performances by combing antivirus and antispyware module, thus it became light on system resources and efficient in catching malware before they enter into your system. It makes your system a monster one that would give a strong aggressive reply to any such malware lurking on the internet.

It even picks up the cookies and asked me to review it and it also did advise me the nature of its security and thus enabled me and also helping me to take the decision in keeping or opting it out.

It was giving free, personal, US-based customer service and very friendly and congenial to work with them.

Vipre antivirus software would run within Windows kernel and continually secure your system and stopped any malware before they attack the system.

It offered the entire essential feature a PC user could have been and then it performs without any disturbances and it performs pretty nice. It runs within your PC, in on access settings and all your documents and activities were being scanned and secured while you might be at offline or at online.

Today, it was essential for all to have a competent antivirus program due to nature of Microsoft Operating system, which was being patched for all the seasons and it was your duty to save your computer and that was the prime reason to install Vipre Antivirus.

To add to it more, in whatever sense you would be careful, still there would be the time when you would be missing something, and at that time the pro-active protection like that of Vipre antivirus software constitutes came to your rescue.

It had a beautiful, simple, incredibly intuitive user interface even a layman could feel it at ease. It had a cutting-edge feature which would bring about smart security with pro-active advance defence, in terms of offline and online facilities, with cloud and on access protection.

Install VIPRE Antivirus:

• Locate where you saved the installation file, and run the file.

• Enter the product key you received in your email during your purchase.

• If you had the trial version then the product key is not required.

• Read the End User License Agreement and click Agree and Continue.

• The installer would then automatically download and install the updates

• Then after all the downloading of the updates completed then it will apply the threat definitions.

• Go to Settings and then set it for basic, run a scan and then clean any infected files.

• After scan complete then you can change the setting as per your desired settings.

Touring the VIPRE Interface:

The standard toolbar menu gave one-way easy access to all functions. The tabs contain the main functions of the system with some tabs containing sub tabs that link to other screens. Overview, Scan, Manage and Tools were some of the significant tools to manage with.

With overview you could quickly start any functions within Vipre antivirus software, with Scan tab you had the access to all kinds of scans, Manage tab was the management of history of actions, quarantine items, allowed items and to schedule a scan, it was one of the actions that gave the impression of set it and forget, takings and with it while working with the computer daddy , would not have to worry about anything as from time to time I had already managed all these functions so that I could check out the basic health of the computer after a prolonged use.

With Tools tab you had basic undertakings of Secure File Eraser, History Cleaner and PC Explorer, three good secure functions, for privacy protection, removing of Trojan horses and with PC explorer the much-improved process explorer with a neat look and from here, I could understand if any processes, files, or auto start entries were running inadvertently within computer and making it resource heavy, then all these could be stopped from here with ease.

What was the most interesting with Vipre Antivirus was the simple color management in displaying the statuses and this got a good hand with daddy as while working he could understand the basic status of Vipre Antivirus , take a look here , system tray icon of Vipre antivirus software when showed as the green that indicated an active scan was running and then daddy knew that I had scheduled the scan through Manage and he was more than happy that Vipre Antivirus was scanning all by itself while he was busy writing for blog and also it gave some secure satisfaction that my Vipre Antivirus was running smoothly and also daddy was surprised that it was not heavy on resources, as it was very light and many a time while scanning one would not observe the difference of computing resources being calculated here.

The red icon of Vipre Antivirus at system tray did say that the Vipre Antivirus was not running and the service was stopped for any such reason and this would be clearly the indication of signal that was properly equally to here and that was why it had been my daddy’s and mine favourite. The grey icon indicated that the active protection was disabled and it could be due to firewall error or due to some other functionality. Blue icon indicated that Vipre Antivirus was in an idle state and it had been actively protecting all parts of the computer and I did not have to worry about anything.

The yellow icon could be anything from that of completion of scan to see the results or may be any such errors or updates ready to be installed or so on, it basically said to you to click that red icon to know the status of the problem there, or else you could hover over the mouse on Vipre Antivirus icon at the system tray to know the status of the problem that could be seen with a pop up window.

Updating Vipre antivirus software:

It was the very easy function, it could be such that it would check all by itself the status and then would updates automatically there, for doing it manually you could go to Overview tab and then update now, and then it will download then the progress box would appear at the system tray.

One more aspect with updating of Vipre Antivirus was that of complete refresh definitions, then it will install the entire security risk database, it had a larger file database and it would take time to download.

Enable ThreatNet:

It was the cloud scan option of Vipre Antivirus, would give you the power of real-time protection within seconds while you connect to the internet, for it goes to Overview, Update and then Setting then you could enable the ThreatNet.

Then click OK and you were done and your computer would get the real-time security, it did not impact upon your computer processing time and also internet speed as it would take very less internet bandwidth, many a time, you would not be sending it at all that this process was going on in the background.

Configure Active Protection (AP):

Go to File Menu, Settings, then Active Protection tab, select and enable Active Protection checkbox.

About Email Protection of Vipre antivirus software:

According to Vipre Antivirus, “Email Protection is a behind-the-scenes tool that protects your computer from potentially harmful inbound and outbound email messages. As long as you have email protection enabled, your computer is protected with automatic email scanning of all attachments for malware and viruses without you having to do anything.”

Vipre Antivirus

One interesting incident , was such that , my younger brother age 12, had the laptop, that had become so much boggy with prolonged usages and on one Sunday he asked me to look into it, as he told me , even word processor took time to load, then I opened the task manager and also observed that some irrelevant services were running , then I asked myself , Microsoft Security Essentials was there , then why such loads of malware, might be I was wrong but then I decided to uninstall that antivirus.

I had an active Vipre Antivirus subscription and so I decided to install it on my younger brother’s desktop, after uninstalling MSE and then download Vipre antivirus software which was 8 MB and after quick installation, it updated automatically and then the scan and then it was up for running, after deleting some temporary files from desktop , it was now speedier , and I handed down it to my young sibling and he was now more than happy that his desktop had now become a speed demon with a new lease of life .

After the first scan, it showed 66 items to be potential threats to desktop, this did surprise me that, with MSE, desktop was heavier on resources, but after installing Vipre Antivirus, its CPU load decreases drastically and after deleting all these 66 threats, it was now running like a feather in the wind.

His computer was four years old, but I was just imagining a scenario how a modern computer would work with Vipre Antivirus, it might be the supersonic speed at the offering and that gave me some crazy thoughts of how this performance of this antivirus.

Configuring Power Save options:

Go to File Menu, Settings, then Power Tab, then select the recommended setting. This would save your laptop and other utilities from battery drain and save energy for rainy days.

It is better to give this security software a try. In this way, you would find out how it works and see what you think. After having used it for more than two years, I am recommending it.


The first impression has always had the priority and the ease at which the installation process goes that shows the way for a great antivirus product in the offering. While with the minimum installation time, this did give Vipre Antivirus more points than its competitors.

While another antivirus by giving more and more product offerings, the size of the install file, as well as the installation process, go on the increase, but that was not the case with Vipre antivirus software.

This metrics would reduce the total disc space consumed by all the files the smaller the installation would be, better for the user and this was the right case with Vipre Antivirus.

A large installation file did mean that a larger registry and that meant a larger processing time and with it came to the resource boggy software, but in case of Vipre it did just the opposite, it was light and had very little registry keys and thus a very smart antivirus. Fewer utilities mean the product had a lower impact on the registry.

In this manner, it would give lesser time for installation of third-party installation and thus reducing the annoying waiting time for the user and Vipre Antivirus did just the same with it. With the performance impact on file move, copy and delete would be lesser and that just the case what Vipre Antivirus showed its functions.

The file format conversation that dealt with zipping and other audio conversion software also did not impact on system resources with Vipre Antivirus.

Apart from this there would hardly be any impact on initial GUI launch, boot load time, lesser CPU usages, HTTP download, IE launch time, subsequent IE launch time, Binary file download speed, file compression and decompression , had been excellent with almost no impact on its performance , to the true to my heart you would feel that the Antivirus was running in the background and it is working as an angel with no pressure on you as well as on your computer CPU resources, you would feel like a newer PC on offer even after three years of OS in use.

Unlike older antivirus programs that have bolted on antispyware or antivirus modules to their existing software, Vipre antivirus software, on the other hand, is designed to optimize the overall performance of your personal computer by melding antivirus and antispyware together into one, single, powerful tool.

combination of technologies gives you high-performance software environment that doesn’t slow down your PC, it is low on system resources, and makes it easy to protect your PC from the nasty internet malware.

Vipre is the next-generation technology, means powerful protection against today’s highly complex malware threats. No more sluggish PCs, system slowness, and resource headaches of older antivirus programs!

Vipre antivirus software is a league on its own when comes to antivirus software; VIPRE is clearly one of the best antivirus programs available today. VIPRE comes with free U.S. based technical support!

The VIPRE anti-malware engine is designed to scan your PC for viruses and other malware quickly with minimal impact on PC performance.

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Originally published at mohanmekap.com on October 23, 2018.




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