Sri Ramnavami

Mohan Manohar Mekap
5 min readApr 2, 2020


To day is Ram Navami, a special day and it is one of the holiest day on the earth. Many a times during crisis we tend to move towards concentration of Lords and try to find his existences at different parts and paths of life. During this lock down durations when we have to stay at home and during all of these crisis situations we tend to move forward and thinking about and searching about existences of Lord at different point of time.

We are searching for Lord Ram does not mean that we are not believing of his existence but we are searching him and try to find His blessings so that this corona virus which is making the living and existence of humans at question and we are sure that Lord Ram for sure will drive these evil out. In the times of Dwapar Age when the world felt the evil works of Ravan and ultimately Lord Ram came to earth live like normal person and destroy the evil ones.

During these crisis we tend to believe that Lord Ram already reached to the earth and he is now personified in the name of some other persons and helping us to stay indoors and be alert so that we will surpass these critical situations without any difficulties. Lord Ram is our source of strength that derives ours power as we knew that, he will be assisting us and help us move towards the stage of situations where there will be absolutely freedom and no fear to anything.

The Ramayan epic is one of the most popular religious and one of the oldest and it is over 10000 years ago. Hinduism is oldest religion and in its two epics such as Ramayan and Mahabharat we do find two great Lords of Hinduism and they are Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. We find how Lord came to the earth and live the life like that of a normal human beings and in Ramayan we do find plenty of responsibilities of Lord Ram and from time to time as son, as king, as husband, as brother and in each and every role he excels and provides one of the outstanding role which all humans should emulate him.

To support this there are still the signs of Ramayan in this earth which provides ample proof of how Lord Ram came to earth and live one of the most inspirational life ever and that reminds us still the way we can learn to live the life in accordance with it. Lord Ram build the bridge from India to Sri Lanka and that is still have the ample proof as it is still there and at a particular route within sea one can even in deep sea water, can walk easily and in those places stones tend to swim to the top instead of dipping down.

As we know that, all of these indications prove that Lord Ram was in earth and he came to earth from time to time whenever there is difficulties for humans as all the matters does not hold on their hands, then Lord Ram came to earth and then, removed all the evils from the earth and from time to time we do experience the presence of Lord Ram in this earth. Today is the special occasion when Lord Ram reached to earth and lives the life of a perfect man which we should be emulating from time to time for all of these 10000 years.

There is a poor farmer, who works on the daily basis and then earn his livelihood from it and then he continues his work for the second day, and at one point of time he has borrowed some money from the land owners and he assured his land lord that he would repay all his debts soon. Then after some daysnhe repayed the money to land lord and then he continue his work but after some days land lord came back and then he asked again for that money to poor farmer and farmer was surprised to find this, and he said had given the requisite money but he failed to sign on the paper.

The matter moves to the court again and in the front of court, the poor farmer said and repeated again what he had told to land lord but this time honourable Judge asked him is there any witness while you repaying, and the poor farmer said Lord Ram was the witness and within few seconds the honourable Judge, finds that Lord Ram reached to the court and this made him announce that the poor farmer paid the dues and then Judge reached to nearer to the farm land and then purchase the part of the land and then built a wonderful Temple for Lord Ram.

At different point of life and at different situations we do find the presence of Lord Ram, everywhere he is here everytime since the time of over 10,000 and more years and this is continuing till this date and from time to time we do find the presence of Lord Ram and he is saving each and every persons from the clutches of evil persons. That is why we do not feel dangerous at any point of time. Anywhere we do find alone then Lord comes to the forefront and helps us directly or indirectly but we easily moves out from those situations without any difficulties. This is the power of Lord Ram which empower us from time to time to fight all the odds of life and provide more and more space to safely remove from all such situations.

The power of one of the perfect personality and a person who live the perfect life and still we tend to see and find how to live such life and all the time with the good men we do find that, the presence of Lord Ram saving us always. When we see some one cheated us at any point of time then we do believe that Lord Ram will one day came to the earth and then act to punish those traitors through some wonderful ways so that ultimately Lord Ram will shuts down the evils and enable us to live the worry free life.

We need to find out ways to move out from all such difficulties, without disturbing at any point of time, we do find the presence of Lord Ram at each and every point of time and he is continuously saving us from all of those evils so that good people always stays intact. The presence of Lord Ram is everywhere and it is the good persons who can see him and Lord Ram always stays with their heart so that at any point of time, good people feel the difficulties then Lord Ram helps them in different forms and good people always stays as the secure and always find the presence of Lord Ram from their heart.

Originally published at on April 2, 2020.