Second hand Computer Hardware Marketing Strategy

Mohan Manohar Mekap
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In every business two classes of products exits. One is a tangible product and the other one is the intangible product. In computer hardware service and repairing industries, the tangible part has the same importance and significance as that of intangible products.

Tangible products come up with pricing front whereas the intangible product comes up with service standards in creating and augmenting local brand identities.

The local computer shop does not merely creates the assembly of product categories but also it does provide one of the most sophisticated forms of creating one of the simple and smoother computing solutions.

They can repair any brand of computers with ease as well as can provide the real software such as formatting computers and installing Windows and Microsoft Office without piracies.

On the second font their performance after repair roo comes up with some degree of guarantee and that can provide users with too much dependence on these shops so that ultimately they would find the real and straightforward personal computing experience. Once the computer is repaired and then the user sees that it runs for more days without any disturbances.

Then comes the second hand, marketing of parts and accessories where, even there are some sub-dealers, from remotest parts where they open the computer repairing shops, and then they receive computers, to be repaired and then they took those computers to computer repairing shops, which is at the centre and then they get repaired there, and then charge more money from the people but those people who could not come to the centre or to the capital, then they get repaired it at last, even though with some high amount of money.

Suppose some part of the motherboard get corrupted, and the person is at the remotest part and there is a small shop out there, and they receive the product and then the shopkeeper goes to the capital where they knew that these parts could be repaired easily and then they charge heavily, on the customers, and in this way, parts are repaired and then they charge heavily for this.

For customers, the amount of satisfaction lies with that of, receiving the product with good quality and that makes running of the business and their subcategories move to the most prominent parts.

Even these well-known products do provide, more and more and sophisticated products and even after the sale of these products do justify and provide more and more and stringent and pertinent product satisfaction for this.

What it makes it further provides ample earning opportunities for people in middle segment so that ultimately, it does provide one of the most outstanding forms of earning as well as it does provide one of the most wonderful indications of how the people should be learning about it and jump over all of these mid class segmented persons so that they could spend less money for repairing.

These second-hand computer repairing industries are so versatile and gigantic that even there is good computer mechanics always find themselves at the most vibrant and most dynamic pay scale when they repair computer to its best of capacity.

Most of these sub-dealers tend to replace the original hard discs with the second-hand hard disks so that they would get the sum of the original hard disc instead of the second-hand hard disc and cheat the customers.

Most of these shops tend to cheat the people who are mostly from smaller towns out there and then they tend to take the money of original hard the disc but replace it with older hard discs.

Due to not so knowledgeable about these products computer related problems and accessories most of these shops tend to take the advantage from the people about it.

That is why it is imminent to go to shops that are good and that are located mostly at the bigger cities of the state and that becomes the centralised shops for most of these sub shop owners and it is important and pertinent to go to these shops directly without wasting any time and move to sub shops.

Recently, my Samsung laptop becomes out of order and for this I contacted the Samsung service stations and they told me to reach out to the Cuttack shops and I reached there with my laptop and there the head of repairing department comes up and he was from my native town of Puri and he said that I should not be replacing the motherboard which would cost a huge sum of 19,000 India rupees. This is almost the same price as that of buying a new laptop.

Then, he told me to move to another private computer repairing shop, which is famous and it is most famous among the small computer shop owners who always reach out to these shops to repair the computer for their customers.

In this way, I came to understand and know about this shop and subsequently I approached that shop and he replaced and repaired motherboard with the paltry sum of 2500 Indian rupees.

The main aim of this is to let the reader understand sometimes by approaching such shops we can repair the computer with lesser costs and there has been some sort of brand names for these shops too.

That is why it is pertinent to search for such shops and then do bookmarked with your address books. These will come to your rescue time and again and this is important to take such decisions.

Most of these shops which do work best for your computers as well as provide some degree of pricing comfort and when you deal with these shops regularly you could find plenty of bonhomie with these shops and that makes running and dealing with these shops more comfortable than that of initial times.

As a regular computer user one needs to understand and know how the running of second hand computing market and for this, it is imminent to follow and know and then move towards it in order to find the real meaning and find out the niche marketing gimmicks of it.

This article should convey about how to find the real mechanic shop and these must have been nearer to the local destination and you should find these shops at first hand so that when there is the need for it you should go to these shops without any delay and do not go to the shops, which only acts as local mediators and in turn demand huge sum of money from you.

That is why it is pertinent and important to understand the series of developments that have been going on and find out the real shop which is closely located to your locations.

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