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Microsoft Clarity is the alternative to Google Analytics from Google and it says that it will provide more and more clarity in defining behavioral aspects of users while browsing clarity installed websites. I

t is free to use and user with self-hosted word press website and it can be installed in all forms of websites but this article is specific to the use of analytics behavioral aspects related with understanding the way user provides their behavior to the owner of the website.

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Microsoft Clarity’s session replays:

Microsoft Clarity Heatmaps:

Microsoft Clarity Insights:

Microsoft Clarity helps to grow your business:

Microsoft Clarity’s session replays:

It provides one interesting phenomenon of finding out the importance of understanding how user move to which part of yours website from and where the click through rate is showing in between.

From time to time it provides session replays which has individual session recordings and it does provide more and more interesting and real-time data analytics tools which provides where the user gets struck in between and how to find out real-time analytics so that proper analysis of user’s behaviour could be found out.

It is a completely new way to understand behaviour of yours website and the results comes up within and its analytics comes out in the open in completely clear manner and it is understandable to all of us and even a normal web master who does not have too much knowledge about website and its technical aspects.

It is important to understand the importance attached with particular behaviour of user and how come they provide more and more interesting and understandable incidents of visitor’s landing.

Microsoft Clarity Heatmaps:

Heat maps provide intense description about what are visitor’s movement and where they stay and find out information as well as more descriptive user;s behaviour and from that we can find out more and more interesting information about what are important characteristics and user’s behaviour.

Heat maps provide detailed and descriptive views about what are behavioural aspects and in which area user clicked and in which area user’s ignored and from their you can find out more and more ways which the reader prefers for.

That will provide more and more important aspects what heatmap of website what are popular topics that can provide more and more significant ways to manage it and provide more and more clarity in understanding what the user wants and how to manage it.

It is the single most popular aspects from which we do find what matters the most and which are the single most important aspects in which we tend to zeroize it on so that it would be important to understand the way we find what matters the most.

It provides real-time analytics as well as stupendous form of management of data set that could provide more and more ideas to write about specific contents that could make us feel and understand the way we could find the real-time data driven database where we could see it in real-time that might provide from time to time about ideas about what are most interesting topics we could use in real-time.

Microsoft Clarity helps to grow your business:

Microsoft says that its script of clarity is not too heavy on the website and in fact it is a lighter script and does not impact too much on performance of the website. One of the most important aspects of how to run a website and what should be the most important is the keywords that might help you to grow your business.

Understand the impact of probability of which works and sentences are important for your website. Microsoft clarity is the new analytical tools which Webmaster can use for free e as well as it can help you to grow your website to make suitable contents which are mostly near and dear to yours audiences.

Microsoft Clarity does provide three most important tools to understand the way a website runs and it provides a lightning view of analysis through the above three described tools such as sessions, headmaps and insights.

By understanding all of these you can find it in the conclusion of finding out what matters the most and what are the real-time performance about moving into performance appraisal system to continue more and more information management tools.

Originally published at on December 13, 2020.