Linux Distros: Ubuntu installation

Am a windows fan crazy, no iota of doubt is here but of late have been washing my hands and playing with some of the Linux distros in my leisure time and weekends and holidays , yeah you guess right Linux now becoming for one of my several time spender whenever getting bored , now-a -days am not playing the computer games instead playing with some of these Linux distros. Will be writing in coming days some articles on Linux but not on regular basis , know perfectly you will be bored with lots of Linux stuffs , will be writing the simplier Linux tips so let us start now with the most simple and good GUI Ubuntu . Ubuntu is most well known Linux distribution the main reason behind this is easier to use and simplier to install than most of Linux distros.It tries to be simple and mostly suited for Windows users who wants to use Ubuntu or test it.

The smaller distros than Ubuntu are Kubuntu and Xubuntu and they are of same branches of Ubuntu also one education package which is called Edubuntu.Ubuntu is designed basically for newcomers and hobbyists. Installation: Boot the disc and ask to choose a language ,want different language then press [F2] to see the choices.The other option the check disc the name suggests itself and Test memory check memory problems if any exist. Select a language and then click (left mouse click) Forward. Set up correctly yours time zone and region.Click on your location on the map to set the region then the keyboard layout, you can configure it but better to leave it default layout. Partition the drive: Be careful,try to install on an empty drive and dedicate it fully to Ubuntu ,to do so click on the drive and entire disc option to be chosen .Like the Windows installation ,in this case also the installer will also automatically partition the drive , then installation.

For Ubuntu installation two partition will be created the primary and the swap partition . ext3 partition is for primary partition to do this click on the New Partition and create an ext3 partition, then enter the size of the partition,mount point to be set as /. Exactly same procedure for swap partition one thing worth mentioning here is set the Use as option as swap area. User information: Enter yours name,account use name ,account password also store the password manually to help you remember in case you not recalling.Give a PC name also choose if you want to login automatically.A brief profile of what you have filled in the installation will be shown also you can make change information you have filled so far so a bit like a edit option.Then click on the install and installation will not take more than 11 minutes ,after the installation done ,you need to remove the cd from the drive and then reboot.Ubuntu Linux Bible: Featuring Ubuntu 10.04 LTS


Never believed that on one system there will be two OS , consider it one type of sin and also if you have it then you must be some expert , so always prefer to install one OS on one system so that it will be less prone to system problem.Use Ubuntu on one of yours outdated system and try it , know lots of detailed user instruction about this OS can be found on a mere Google search so you can start from there .

Originally published at on May 13, 2020.