John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum

I am big fan of Hollywood movies. I have been watching many Hollywood movies which are famous and probably very well acted. There are numerous movies which I can recall where we do find many such wonderful theories that works like a charm. There are many movies which have many personified and designated music assigned to them. The only bad part of holly wood movie which I do not like to see is that in between there is nudeness which I think is totally unnecessary.

The scene and the story moves in the correct but suddenly there is no nude scene is the necessity but it comes just like in Hindi movies the story moves along and then suddenly from nowhere we do find the presence of songs and the change of place as suddenly both protagonists reached to beautiful scenery of Switzerland and so on which is totally unexpected and waste of time.

The movement of story stops for five to ten minutes and we have to see those songs and similarly in Hollywood movies suddenly from nowhere unwanted scenes arrive and that stops the movement of story for some time. From the year 2019 onwards I have seen the change of such periodic strategy from Hollywood movie makers as they are now realised that there movies are also getting good money from India and they know India people are fond of songs and good movies and they are also moving in those directions.

Let us check it out. I have been a big fan of John Wick movie series and since its first part, I have been watching and enjoying this and now in 2019 the third part John wick Parabellum released and it is the third version and each and every version is very popular as well as these movies provides enormous commercial successes.

I have seen the unwanted scenes in the movies in the first version is there and in the second version is there but in the third version which is released in the year 2019 is a huge success as well as there is no unwanted scenes as the entire movie moves in the same direction and that makes watching of this movie extremely beautiful. There is no such unwanted scene in the third edition of John Wick which is a completely surprise to me as well as I do find that such should have been the trends for not only Hollywood movies but also for bollywood movies.

I have seen some other latest version of Hollywood movies series which are being released on and after 2019 and I do find the presence of clean movie and unstoppable show case of movement of stories and without any such unwanted scenes and that makes watching movie interesting. People spend money in theatres to watch the movie without wasting any of their time as we know unwanted songs as well as unwanted scenes do take away many such timings of people which they need the most.

Even movies like John Wick does not have any story to offer but still it is interesting with its presence of story and acting of Keanu Reeves which make to watch this movie as in most of the movies it is the fighting sequences which makes the movies a great to watch out for. Style of the protagonist makes the movie watchable and there is no need for story, songs as well as unwanted scenes but still the movie is being eagerly followed by many audiences. The pure work of acting and how it can mesmerise audiences with it we do find the relevance in this movie and we do expect that and from time to time we find that even if there is no such story attached with it but with great acting one can carry movies forwards and makes it a great watch.

Originally published at on April 3, 2020.



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