Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Review: The suspense is satisfying

Mohan Manohar Mekap
5 min readAug 13, 2018

Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher in this movie. He is a homicide investigator. He digs deeper into the case when a trained military sniper is accused of killing five in distant shot perceived to be random victims. When that sniper is caught within minutes, he only said the name of Jack Reacher.

The beginning of this movie is rather dramatic. A military sniper hits five persons randomly from the distance and then the police investigator able to catch hold of him within a short span of time. This movie is directed by Christopher McQuarrie and this movie is based on the book by Lee Child namely ‘One Shot’.

When the military sniper caught hold by police instead of accepting his guilt he names the person namely ‘Get Jack Reacher’. These words do not provide sufficient clue to the policy as who is Jack Reacher is not known to anyone and whether the accused named him or not and what is the motive behind it still not was able to clearly defined.

Reacher himself notices the news report and then reached the police station. He came to investigate about it and what the final result brings more to it and this movie is certainly a worth watch out for but still, there are certain scenes where the revelation of the plot in its entirety clear-cut manner still not was clearly visible.

At first, the audience will find that Reacher might be accused and in some other case, Reacher begins probing the incident with the help of the lawyer Helen to go and talk to the victim’s family to know more about it.

This movie is full of violence and thus it is not intended for small kids and school going children to worthy watch out for. This goes on to show how there is a complete connivance at some levels of the law enforcing authorities and in this way the movies provide sufficient materials to watch out for but at a certain time understanding some scenes which are difficult to understand.

The tagline of this movie suggests that law has its limits but Jack Reacher has not and while seeing the movie at the climax session one could see the complete and profound presence of taglines in this movie. This movie has everything which you want for like that of action, crime, mystery and thriller and especially the climax is very good and the fighting scenes at the bar and then at the climax goes on to show the real-time fight scene which impresses the audiences.

This movie was released on 32 December 2012 United States of America and to the filming locations are Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. This movie is all about 130 minutes and throughout the movies, there is the strong sense of thriller and that makes these movies so much special. Sometimes, understanding of scenes makes difficult to understand and needs another watch of this movie but still the attention and the grip surrounding this movie makes you attached to the movies still its end.

The suspense part is who is the real culprit whether Helen’s father the district attorney or the investigator of Police is still difficult to guess but slowly all of these revealed at the climax but the culprit’s own admission that there is no such way for him to take also especially focuses also that, how criminals able to detect the police officers especially the investigators to move with their wishes and that poses some serious question over police investigations in the US in this movie.

The sound mix of this movie is about Dolby Digital, Datasat, SDDS and Dolby Atmos. At the climax when Tom Cruise fights with Jai Courtney after overcoming and overpowering him and then threw his gun and then fights with him have their 24 years age apart but if you see the fighting sequences then you would find that the real fight and some natural fighting sequences show in the climax of that movie.

The entire sequences of stunt driving in the middle of the movies, when the suspense of suspicion is over him he drives the car over 10 minutes of sequences and entire stunt scenes of driving of cars are done by him. The character played by Helen the lawyer to defend the military sniper, was in pregnant while shooting the movie.

The director was thinking about casting the role of Jack Reacher for Brad Pitt, Huge Jackman, Vince Vaughn and finally resolved to cast Tom Cruise. At the first instant the name of this movie is little intriguing but as the movie goes on the more and more particular and formal knowledge about this movie comes upon.

While his conversations with various characters the presence of several one-liners in this movie provide real humour and add to the entertainment element of this movie. This movie needed to be well acted and very natural but with plenty of violence and fight scenes.

Jack Reacher in this movie is an ex-military detective and he remains anonymous thought out and even the police have no records of him and his whereabouts. Tom Cruise does not match the physical description of Jack Reacher character depicted in the novel ‘One shot’ but the way shows the mixing of character the people love it to watch it. It is a nice action thriller movie. There is no stupid romance and minimal stuff present in this movie makes the pace of this movie symmetrical.

Action sequences are valid and authentic and sometimes there are stagnant in the movie but the pace of the movies is good and entertaining. This movie is about an integrate and intelligent adventure story where considering suspense and mild romance are on the cards and the character of Jack Reacher provides plenty of ideas of how there is no home and no address and he continues to move unabatedly. In the end, this provides plenty of ammunition for follow up movies and this makes the sense that Tom Cruise is moving beyond the Mission Impossible phenomenon and moving towards another strong character series.

The ruthless and taciturn character of Tom Cruise which moves from the regular character of a charming boy in the past is most overhauling and does provide plenty of ideas of this movie where we do find the normal and perfect related authentic character in the making. This character is more towards reality and does provide a huge character in this movie where skilled and detective character with hand to hand combat fighting scenes makes it most memorable one to see this movie.

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