Influence of Fears on Consumer Buying Decisions

The word ‘journey’ has various connotations. Before venturing into the journey we make permutations and combinations and in order to have perfect feature. The scheduling of the journey tends to change from the time and with the advent of technology, it provides some of the most outstanding, technological advancements in accordance with changing dynamics.

There is time since my childhood, when parents, me and siblings used to travel frequently by train and by air and in those times sizes of train tickets are minuscule in comparison to the current time. Then comes the digitalisation in Indian Railways.

It comes up with discard of manual printing of train ticket and core ticketing system that makes the booking of tickets easier. Entire ticket reservation system becomes in a single consolidated ticket system, that makes, without fault tickets as well as the size of tickets bigger and it comes out in the form of printable formats.

Within few years we do see, complete core computerisation in most of the financial services as well as we do see, that, presence of complete computerisation, which makes complete control and management of entire databases and updating of it too.

Then with the initiation of currently Prime Minister of India (2018) respectable N. Modi, and his visionary allurement towards complete digitalisation and paperless initiative.

India has been using fully computerisation processes, but moving towards complete computerisation processes, and paperless office we could see that in realities incomplete parameters. It has been a decade when we see the presence of core computerisation in most of the important organisations, where people have significant participation.

Take a look at the computerisation processes, in Indian Railways, when it happens the size of reservation ticket becomes bigger than the times before computerisation processes, but still the movement towards paperless arena in the last decade a long way. Until and unless we reach the age of Digital India, the same goes towards the paperless office and that makes to provide the movement of the complete paperless arena.

Now, there is the app for android, apple as well as for Indian Railways, and this also has the web version. Now, with it, we can book tickets and the booking confirmation comes in the form of SMS, and the image of tickets which will be there, inside your apps. The mightiest way towards complete computerisation and paperless entities.

It is now proving towards complete paperless ticketing system and now eve ticket checkers inside Indian Railways also accepts it and from time to time, they might ask you for any of identity card and it is important to carry identity cards with you while you are on the go for the journey inside Indian Railways.

What it makes important for users is to take your android or apple device which has IRCTC app installed on it and logged it so that whenever ticket collector wants to check up your ticket, the already logged in IRCTC app will show you tickets inside ‘My Bookings’.

As the user of complete digitalisation of IRCTC tickets, one can at form xerox one ticket and keep it inside your briefcase. In case mobile goes out of control, then you can revert to the digital print copy of IRCTC digital ticket. Another form is to find take yours identity cards so that in the case your mobile becomes unusable, still, you can manage with the ticket.

We are moving towards complete digitalisation process still we can do more to it if we have more than one smartphone then install the same IRCTC user credential to each and every smartphone so that the copied version of tickets and download to your mobile device for offline use. SMS confirmation of the booking tickets comes to the device which you have booked tickets on the device.

While moving to the era of the seamless transaction from digitalisation towards paperless office instruments, we do depend completely towards, mobile instruments which slowly move towards purchasing of completely, dependable mobile handsets. Why it so as we see we are moving towards complete and actual digitalisation process and in the meantime in order to acquire and enjoy it completely, we do need stronger handsets.

Handset with the good reputation of the manufacturer as well as dependable batteries and speed in which each and every application loads. Most of the times we look forward various online sites for instant buy as most of which comes in the form of the reduced price but these online sites such as Flipkart offer only ten days of return policy, is it enough for consumers to have greater say on the purchases.

Does such an online retailer or electronic commerce sites should take more and more responsibility, not to say give only ten days of replacements.

That is why it is important to understand the scope of intuitive decision-making processes where it is related to consumer buying decisions.

In this age of absolute computerisation, the importance attached with the making of decisions regarding customer buying decisions needs to be stronger enough and it should have proper scrutiny and management to bring forward and accept the need it makes and the form and factor of smartphone which we do find for these purposes.

It is the sum of all fears where we should check two sides of the same coin while making decisions about customer buying decisions.

On the one side, the presence of computer hardware manufacturer as well as on the other side the electronic commerce sites which sell most of these handsets through it.

So, even if we go to buy for one of the most sophisticated manufacturers through these electronic commerce sites, we do not know how these handsets are managed and properly utilised to keep the same formats as that of buying these of the same quality as that of buying as if from the original equipment manufacturers.

Some sites like Flipkart offers ten days of replacement warranty but does it enough for users to provide the response of electronic commerce sites to have the full proof warranty of the product.

Is ten days of replacement enough considering the amount and brand dependance you have been trusting and buying by paying the sum of the smartphone or any other items from electronic commerce sites?

Recently I bought one handset from the popular original equipment manufacturer from Flipkart and it provides ten days of replacement.

One needs to be concerned about it as my handset goes out of order in 12th days and it crossed ten days barrier and this means that my electronic commerce sites from which, I bought the smartphone, and the electronic commerce site has the responsibility of ten days only.

It needs to be proper attention that, while we move towards complete trustworthy and the absolute dependence over digital payment and digital management service.

Then we need to see how such electronic commerce sites are augmenting their trustworthiness of brand equity, by providing the warranty of complete replacement for at least one year otherwise in the times to come, brand equity of such electronic commerce site should be on the decreasing trends.

It is a learning situation for brands to understand that they should provide concrete replacement warranty in addition to original equipment manufacturer’s warranty to provide complete trustworthiness on the customers to shop on their sites with the computer.

It is important for electronic commerce sites to understand that people surf and shop for these sites from the distant location and most of these purchases come pre-paid. Customers do pay in advance and that too a distant electronic commerce sites in order to develop a concrete relationship with customers.

Otherwise, the trustworthiness of electronic commerce brands would simply decrease in these processes and it is an eye-opener for most of us as well as for most of the electronic commerce sites.

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Originally published at on September 13, 2018.



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