How to survive in Space?

Mohan Manohar Mekap
6 min readAug 13, 2018

In the tilt of time when it seems that everything is blended into the boundaries of 24 hours and the day, still there is scope when we move towards other parts of the universe in our endeavour towards discovering in unknown places. In order to find whether there are any traces of civilization elsewhere at the sides of the universe or the presence of anxiousness whether we are alone or the presence of aliens which we listen from time to time provides more and more interesting aspects to understand and move beyond such unknown places.

The universe is an unknown entity and moving beyond or going inside of it we do not know what else is present out there but still more and more ambitious to go beyond encourages us so much of the time to reach out there.

It is an unknown entity and we do not have any iota of knowledge about the way the universe performs and in addition to this going to the place in times of unknown provides so many unanswered questions and that continues to pose so many difficult propositions which time and again does create the state of extreme difficulties in managing these aspects of achieving so much.

How to overcome the lifespan of humans and as we see there are many ideas but still, the implementation of these ideas does become extremely difficult so far as the process of such manner of scientific excellence is still in the state of wilderness.

Some thinks of creating a clone of humans so that one should be there one after another but is it the most ethical manners to move into such ideas and when these are looked into the eyes of ethics and saving humanity the possibilities of creation of clones to survive in these wilderness inside vast ocean of mystery of universe still shrouded in deeper mysteries which might have ever be discovered and managed well but still some believe that this could in the form of chain interaction could revive the age factors.

There is one difficult when the so-called chained living of the same clones is there as the memory distribution from one single aspect to that of other clones varied and many a times this results in generation of too many self-confusing ideas that makes the entire movement of ideas difficult to understand and with due course of time different shades of ideas of the similar happenings becomes so confused with each other that ultimately the performance appraisal of each and every action moves into similar and concurrent dynamism which might not have happened in times that could have possible underscores each and every momentous decision-making processes.

The concept of cloning can have similar appearances but the brain powers cannot be the same and for this small portion of original brains can be implanted but that too can have shady sort of imagery available out there and in this way the most fundamental and triggering aspects to utilize these in the sense of complete accumulation of enlarging the single life into multiple identities but still one could see and find that the brains of the original person cannot be shared and that makes extremely difficult for people around as the sophisticated knowledge know how could not be found elsewhere and that is main cause of knowledge gap that is out there.

The next part to prolong the life of humans in order to cope with the long journey of the universe is to find out, whether the propositions of state of hibernation is a viable alternative or not one needs to find it out in complete detail. So far we have been not listed in the state of the ways to create the state of hibernation and then restart the life and the process should be automation as while reaching to the faraway destination.

There are many concerns in creation of the state of complete hibernation such as the process of hibernation is its infancy and the second point is how to get back from long sleep and how to be these operations to be automated and how come if someone due to some technical error in the long space journey happens to be awake before time and how he could come back again to the stage of absolute hibernation.

What about some people awake from the state of hibernation in the midway of over 200 years of journey and then that person could be awake in this state of passengers and that means that person will not be able to finish the journey due to presence of life sum total not exceedingly to the presence of the light years of journey scheduling. Is there the way this can be controlled from earth station which is absolutely no as the form of sending and receiving messages, and in order to control from the state of control from the earth, duration of the message could have been more than the living years of humans.

This makes the control of human life as well as dealing with these technicalities extremely difficult to manage with and for this it is important and essential to understanding the processes of each of these in the eyes of complete identifiable inventories of ideas to materialize each and every aspects and managing these makes every action has to be done within the space shuttle and sot probably by the clones or by robots working inside of it but still there is vast question over understanding their forms of identities and manageable actions to recognize and finds out the real solutions in the times of crisis.

There are so many hurdles into this but at least there is a concept to work with and above all the single most paramount importance attached with it was that of the presence of a vast number of ideas and the most simple and significant of this is to identify the correct way in which space shuttle needs to be built, complete in accordance with technology know how, so that during the long space journey which tears into years, in fact for light years one could find that the entire structure of space shuttle needs to be well attended and should not be break during the course of events at any stage of journey.

So that the entire hibernation system or cloning system whatever in use in order to attend the age gap of humans in relation with light years, should provide the same sort of insulation inside of space shuttle so that ultimately whatever be inside of space shuttle remains as it is and this could prove to be extremely secure zones for passengers of space shuttle.

In order to secure whatever be the human zones inside of space shuttle one needs to understand it needs to be done in complete accordance with that of atmosphere of earth as well as it should provide enough forms of identification of ideas so that persons inside space shuttle should be moving freely and it should be so solid that no other attack into it either from space or from chemical or any other reactions from space remains to be as it is and stronger like the atmosphere of earth in order to survive the longest possible journey to find out the similar human or alien races anywhere in-universe.

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