How to Stop Excessive Data Usage on Windows 10

Mohan Manohar Mekap
3 min readAug 15, 2020

*****We are living in the era of Windows 10. Now we do not have to wait for perspective accumulative and cumulative updates as it is now just like that of Android OS updates and in order to move from one side to that of the other operating system, you needs to download exact operating system not from time to time different updates. So, now we got stable environment where it is now equally well-protected with Wndows Defender which secures operating system with its updates and it comes up with silent updates. Now, most of apps can be downloaded from Microsoft Stores. This means now these are well-protected from Microsoft.

In the Windows 10 version which I am using, I found my daily quota of two GB 4G internet with Windows 10 for some time I found that computer is consumng internet so faster. After doing internet with Windows for two to three hours just to write down articles in this website, I found that internet is finishing fast. So, I decided to find out the reason of it. I found that, in Windows 10 operating system, there is no cumulative and regular updates for security reasons, but now it is not there due to other coding formating options, and for this there is no such uploading and downloading of securities and no as no spending of internet.

If that so, then why my daily internet pack is speeding up towards daily finishing quota and that is how I first have to see what s the main reason for this and for this I found that Windows Defender is downloading security and cumuiative updates, for anti-spyware and anti-virus definitions but these are not that much, of high internet downloading so what would be the real reason behind finishing up internet quota so faster. In the search bar type Windows Defender, and then click on ‘Windows Defender Settings’ and then it will open Windows Defender settings and it will open its settings.

In the Settings and then Update and Security, and then click on windows Defender and here you will find different Windows Defender settings and then you will find that, Real-time Protection, Cloud-based Protection, Sample Protection. Here, enable Real-time Protection, and disable cloud-based protection and sample protection in order to stop Windows Defender, from using excessive data. It is important to understand that if you have not worried about too much of data loss and you have unlimited data pack then you can enable all of these three settings of Windows Defender other wise you can enable, only the first one in order to stop Windows Defender from using excessive internet data.

In the cloud based and sample protection submissions settings, from time to time Windows Defender, sends suspicious files, folders and data is send to the Microsoft server, for inspecting the suspected and malicious files. If you worry about, too much of spending of internet by your computer then you can, disable the next tw option and only enable the first option such as real-time protection, as this will keep secure yours computer for all files and folders and make your computer secure and works faster. Before enabling the Last two option of Windows Defender such as cloud-based protection and sample submission it is important to read privacy statement before enabling the last two options.

You can now have two options, if you want to have online access of Windows Defender then, click on Real-time protection only. If you want to have comprehensive protection from Windows Defender, then click on cloud-based protection and sample submission so that yours computer will be well protected and always on security protection from Microsoft, and the only the downslide is that, in the second option should take huge amount of internet spending.

Originally published at on August 15, 2020.