How to Read a Novel

Mohan Manohar Mekap
7 min readOct 6, 2018

Six years back I received an offer from Blogada, to write on novel “The Bankster”, they sent me the complimentary copy through courier as they have promised and it was received and then I surprised to see the signature of CEO of Blogada as well as from the author Ravi , I admit for the first time I was writing review on novels, no prior experience with this, though still to date I reviewed twenty-seven products with success , but writing about novel is unique and what I felt about it and also t various stages how did I complete the novel, is an awesome experience to tell.

One new part is that today when I log into Gmail with Firefox, the page showing that it can not be opened and also I check other sites, which are opening as usual except Gmail.

I then check this with Internet Explorer and found that the same thing repeating as Gmail unable to open and also other website opening and then something struck to my mind is that can it be Gmail be down with server, let me check that.

Then I go to Google and search for the term, “Is my site down” and get the relevant search result and then go to some site where it would recognize that whether Gmail is down for me or for all that is if it is for all then it must be server problem and if it is for me only then it must be some unique situation where all the other websites are opening but not Gmail. I got the correct information from this site: www[.]downforeveryoneorjustme[.]com

Now it surprised me, how this is happening and then what I have done is to log into Google+ with the same id that is being into Gmail and then, what is more, Google+ opened with Firefox and the next step is to go to the upper sidebar and then click Gmail while with Firefox, and then Gmail opens but after so much of hardship.

Then, after closing Firefox, I opened Chrome and to my utter surprise, Gmail is working normally as well as the other Google services such as Blogger.

Now, back to the main topic of how to read the novel and after getting the book and it does feel to me like a real gem and it has almost four hundred pages and I have to finish this within seven days but I decided my self to do it within a day.

As always I used to read articles from the back side means from toe to face , but this can not be the case with the novel, as it is the series of storytelling and the links that have been embedded with must be preserved with due course and that is why it should be read from the beginning.

In the back cover there is some symbolic intention of how the thriller unveils and where are the locations of it and also, in the beginning, the logo and of the front page it does symbolizes that the thriller has international backgrounds so before reading the book m excited about it and also am slight with fear as I have to completely review it so, to read it in detail is the matter of urgent importance.

What it does help me immensely is that the word and the sentence structure, that is easy and it is in day to day talking and that has the more and more meaningful to it to make it know better.

It is always a good idea to read the novel and find out its meaningful patches so that you will not be missing any part and also, you must read the novel as if you are inside the plot and you as the protagonist looking into it, sometimes it may be difficult to comprehend, when the protagonist character does enter into the scene after a huge gap, in the novel “The Bankster” which I had happy to review, where the protagonist reaches into the stage almost forty percentages after the novel is being read.

No doubt, this sounds peculiar but that does not say that novel is not good, in fact it is an excellent read for me and the thriller part and some part where you will feel there is the live fight between Vienna police as well as the fraudster, there the story moves just like the holly wood film set up and there you must be feeling like that of seeing a holly wood movie and that is why them thinking and the feeling of it must come like it.

All these parameters should go beyond your imagination and you must be reading as if you are mobile and dynamic and going with the stream of story.

At time you do feel bored and that signifies that you should take a break from reading and just go to see the television or listen to your favourite music and that is all, to cool you for some time and before venturing out for taking a break ,remembers to mark it , till the point you have read the novel as after returning to begin your study session , you want to start it immediately and that is why it is imperative to make the mark .

Also while reading, it is important to make note of significant developments and also while reading you can do the multitasking like that of reviewing author’s language and the temperament and the words are lively or not and how the author makes the experiment with words , if so then make note of it so that in the latter part , at any given circumstance , if at all you will have to make critical appreciation of novel , then it is better for you , then to jot down all the details and then you can make most of it from these writings.

Today in the morning I felt a slight headache, I could not understand what may be the reason behind it and trying hard to find the reasons and that seemed to be beyond my recognition and that is why the article written for today seems to me that it cannot be completed and slightly sad for this.

Then, I drink a full glass of water and suddenly all of my headaches gone and now it is feeling a lot of smarter and that is why able to write this article otherwise there can be the possibility of skipping articles posting for today to blog post but that problem does minimize for today. Perhaps, I find one of the smartest ways to relieve myself from a headache.

While reading the novel and want it to finish on time then it is better to remember the critical segment of the novel and differentiate the principal plots to different other related smaller plots as the law of writing the novel is that smaller plots do have importance and they lead to the principal plots to be unveiled.

Pick those smaller plots and remember or note it down and then subsequently, relate those smaller plots into bigger ones and then you can find the key of the plot and movement of the novel with it.

As we know there are PDF documents and also e-documents and the kindles, but the real happiness and the zeal with which you can read the entire novel is from the book and that matters the most.

Try to read the book in a cooler environment, and if you feel bored then move on with some slow volume music and that will give you better ideas to make the mark of it and also with it all the fundamental and other aspects of understanding the entire novel and feel it and make it visible.

While reading the novel to see it in action in your mind and thought and feeling that you are the director of the drama which you have been reading currently and that is why you have to remember the entire plot to make it happen.

In this way, I try to read it and also during the thriller novel where I feel that I am standing at the combat scene and had been seeing the plot live in action and that is what it takes and does the action tremendous to make it matters the most.

Make it more and more enjoyable and feel the plot with it and also feel the language of the author and try to be in the sense of a good read just like thinkers say that it is good to be a good listener.

Read it like the way that you will remember for it ever and what it can be said is that, you must remember it so that even you can tell the story about this novel to your grandchild appropriately even after so many years.

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