How to increase Internet Speed of Xiaomi 7A phones?

Mohan Manohar Mekap
5 min readMay 25, 2020


All android phones have Google Play Store to download apps. It is from Google and it is safe and secure. It is integrated with Google Play Protect which scans each and every android apps installed from android application environment other than that of Play Store. This article deals with phones such as Lyf mobiles and Xiaomi mobiles which have another option to install app from play stores. Further these two variants of phones are of 4G volte phones and these provides slow internet with application installed from Google Play Store.

Due to the presence of sandboxing environment and different security practices I find many a times the speed of the internet goes down and streaming takes some time to continue. This article is about getting the right kind of internet speed and for this we can take the following information in order to make your phone perform better during internet connectivity.

Xiaomi Phones:

If you have Xiaomi phones then kindly follow these preocedures:

Open ‘GetApps’.In its search bar search for ‘Dosable System Apps’Download the application namely “Redmi System manager | Disable System App No Root”Then install that app on your phone.Download will take in accordance with the speed of your internet connectivity.Then open above mentioned app.

Disable most of Google’s pre-installed apps with the help of “Redmi System manager | Disable System App No Root”:

“Redmi System manager | Disable System App No Root” works seamlessly with Xiaomi 7A and previous phones. I have so far not tested in Xiaomi 8A phones.Click on it and open the app. Then it will show four squares in its dashboard and click only “”Remove Apps square to enter into application management of Xiaomi phones.Do remember that “Redmi System manager | Disable System App No Root” not available in Google Play Store as it violates its terms and conditions.It will open “App info” with information for all applications. Scroll down and disable every single Google’s App except “Google Play Services”.You need to keep it free so that there will not be anomalities in system management.You should disable “Google Play Store”. To disable any app just click on the app at the “App info” of “Redmi System manager | Disable System App No Root” and then click disable to disable it permanently.I disabled Google’s Chrome, Digital Welbeing, Drive, Duo, Gboard, Gmail , Play store, Google App, Play Music, Play Movies, Maps and Photos. This means all the not so essential Google App is not be installed and now it is completely disabled.Suddenly you will find that system storages increaes of more than two GB and yours phone now working faster.

How to install Google’s App from sources other than Play Store:

Now, we have a disabled Google Play Store. Then disable Google’s Play protects by going to “Settings” and then to “Password Security” and then to “Privacy” and then to “Google Play Protect” and tap to turn off protection.Here you can disable full scan as all Xiaomi phones have its own security app and for this you do not need other security mechanisms from Google. Turned off “Google Play Protect”I have “YouTube” premium subscription so I need YouTube, YouTube Go and YT Music.I have to find another way to install above said apps as I disabled Google Play Store.I opened the default web browser installed on the Android phone and then in its search bar search for the term “APK Mirror”. Here you will find most of the latest version of Android app from Play Store in its APK form and download it and then open it.When you install the app from Play Store or from Xiaomi Play store “GetApps” you will find that, after downloading the apps from there you do need to allow them from “Unknown sources”.When you download apps from “Apk Mirror” as described as above, then go to “Downloads” folder of app’s apk files, it will ask you to allow it from unknown sources and then, install it and in this way I am able to install Google’s app not from Play Store, but from reliable sources such as “APK Mirror”.Website “APK Mirror” does provide from time to time, updated version of apps which “Google Play Store” provides and in this way you can update these apps with due course of time and will not miss the important updates which normally “Google Play Store” provides from time to time. Why I disabled “Google Play Store” and most of Google’s App??

How to install Android apps without installing Google Play Store

I found “Wallpaper Carousel” is better than Google’s Lock screen wallpaper and this means that I do not need to lock screen wallpaper. There is no way, I cannot no way disable Xiaomi’s system apps, so I went for disabling the apps from Google’s, by following above mentioned methods. In this way I removed the duplicate apps, as only a single part of apps for each and every process and activities, still we have to remove all confusions. I only need a single app for each process and activities so for this I removed which can be removed.

Now, I checked the size of system drive as before it is almost one GB space and now I have almost five GB of space. I found that due to removal of so many, not so important apps and I emptied, most of spaces of system drive and now the 4G internet is working nicely and it is non stop. Due to stopping of dual security as with Xiaomi phones it has its own application environment as well as it has its own security system so application environment from Google such as Play Store is not a necessity. Similarly Google Protect the security from Google is not necessary in this phone and for this I found to disabled the dual presence of apps.

In this way I have found the new way to optimise internet connectivity into its fullest and for this I found that, when we go in accordance with that of the presence of using default apps from original equipment manufcturers then all of these are fully optimised to use on its own device and for this I found using as its and with the OEM’s apps you can find the fullest potential to use these apps in terms of speed and faster internet experiences. What is makes is that it reduces, dual confusions and in this process entire internet architechture, goes smoothly.


While using Windows computer we do find that from time to time it is not at all advisable to use more than one security software and in order to remove all confusions once at a time when we do have to use more than one security software and Microsoft slowly making in roads into it and introduces its own antivirus and anitspyware so that people will not find difficulties in using more than one security programs. Similarly we have to move in that way and use one security program inside Android Operating System, and if OEM is providing free of cost then you can use it as most of these OEMs are hard to remove. Do try it and find out it whether yours internet speed is improving or not and do write down yours experiences with it so that you can find, real internet speed from yours device.