How to fix Opera VPN not Downloading Videos

Mohan Manohar Mekap
3 min readOct 2, 2018


Opera VPN is a free virtual private network option to enhance privacy os user’s networking option. From among top web browsers which are of course only web browser to provide virtual private network (VPN) for free for desktop. It focuses mainly on privacy without user fearing of losing privacy.

The user does not have to spend a pie, because Opera for desktop has built-in VPN and it runs without the additional subscription, payment and additional plug-in or add-ons.

Activate Opera VPN in Opera for desktop:

To activate the free virtual private network for the first time for Opera for desktop go to MENU and then SETTINGS and then PRIVACY and then VPN. You can select it for your desired virtual locations such as Asia, Europe or the Americas.

The characteristic of Opera VPN is to reduce online tracking. It makes harder for websites to track your physical locations and identify the exact location. Many tracking coolies are also blocked.

If you are using Opera browser in public networks then by enabling VPN you can stop tracking of online activities and stops many cookies from appearing on your sites. In this ways, all of yours tracking activities, are stopped while using virtual private networks.

While using VN you can search locally so that your search should be locally and your search needs to be activated correctly. While using Opera with VPN many inaccessible sites can be accessed and from most of these sites provide download options for movies or of some software.

Most of the movie-download sites are country-specific and most of these do not provide download option for movies. Opera VPN makes it work to move into provisions to download movies. That is why it is most popular, and this article is for those intentions, this article is meant to remove all doubts about it.

How to fix Opera VPN not Downloading Videos:

The problem came when after updating Opera to s latest version, I saw downloading of movies, through VPN enabled, the downloads come through loops. It means only some megabytes downloads and then it stops, and start again to stop at some lesser bytes.

This article is meant to solve this problem in its entirety. Here are the solutions for it.

Go to MENU and then SETTINGS and then to ADVANCED and then go to PRIVACY and SECURITY and then switch off ‘Send a Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic’.

After this Open Opera and then enable Opera VPN and then browse websites and then download movies and now you will find that download will continue and then download will not stop in loops, in fact, it will continue to download entire movies considering the speed of your internet connectivity.

In this article, we learn how to troubleshot downloading of movies or videos through VPN enable on Opera browser for desktop and stops its looping of video downloading. In summary, it is better known that by disabling ‘Do not track’ users can easily, stop looping of downloads in download manager of Opera.

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