How to clean river water?

Mohan Manohar Mekap
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Erosion of land is a natural process. For years, clean waters have been flowing down from the mountains and go through umpteenth heights before it touches the ground and flows through different urban areas. During the process of flow, it goes through different dynamic metrics of the natural environment where it touches many pebbles and natural distilling agents before it becomes pure and extremely clean river water.

Due to the flow of the river inside the natural environment, the entire process of river watercourse goes through natural sanitation processes. Many areas, the base of the river can be seen in hilly terrains due to extreme cleanliness of the water.

Erosion of lands in natural areas are a boon for rivers on the contrary erosions of lands in urban areas is bad for rivers as with it comes to all sort of polluting agents to make river water dirtier.

Urban areas consist of constructions sites where most of these areas are filled with different toxic elements consisting of chemical used for building materials that can prove to be more hazardous for river water basins.

Constant erosions of sedimentary roots of blocks of cement structures pose serious problems for river waters and many a time there has been history when many such rivers are abandoned by such huge mass particles and their flow of water stops or diverted and that results in mass scale floods at different locations.

Due to heavy industrialization and absent of proper implementation of regulating processes to curb excess pollution of water and proper management of water disposal system many a time, there have been numerous examples of how a good and clean river becomes dirtier and slowly pushed to death in times of age umpteenth times.

The biggest problems in construction sites are its fences where no construction sites can be built without making a clear-cut fence around it.

But many a time, various constructions have been done ignoring this aspect of regulation. At the beginning of construction projects, there has not been any sort of regulating parameters such as making own disposable content mechanisms, as well as recycling of products, are not there.

Dumping matters of construction around roads can also be added to the sea and other areas when there are mass scale rain and downpour and all these added to rivers and make it contaminated and lesser healthier people.

Without properly caring about the state of the environment, the proper growth of urbanization cannot be succeeded in real time.

In the annals of history, there have been many illustrations about how full-scale civilizations have been banished and disappeared from the writings of the well of history due to the advent of famine and mass scale new disease to civilizations.

Latest research shows famous Indus Valley civilization probably vanished from the scene due to extreme famine and some mysterious disease occurring to them.

The matter is still under investigation by many historians, but there are many signs which to be believed are pointing towards such situations. People of Indus Valley civilizations are proud of their irrigation projects and proper water management all across India.

Probably at some point of time due to the extreme release of sewage water to different rivers the quality of drinking water worsened and that leads to mass scale mysterious disease and that disease probably born out of water due to mass scale polluting agents vacillating inside water management systems.

They are brilliant in water management, but perhaps they had ignored the polluting part as well as the construction of proper boundaries all along the river watercourses.

We are also doing the same thing as we have been building mass scale huge construction projects and some projects have been done on sweet watercourses were within some years those watercourses will be evaporated and completely finishing from groundwater levels.

Even at some places, honourable high court also gave ruling about not for construction in these sites but real estate owners are ignoring these and carrying on these constructions without fear as most of them are backed by huge political leaders or persons of great influences in those places and these make entire set up a clumsy one and administrators who are in the line of decisions making also been constantly in fear of implements these ideas into actions.

So, there have been regulations to control and punish offenders of nature but the implementation part is not possible due to fear and corrupt practices of administrators.

This creates the immense scale of obstruction of sewage water and constant erosion of river watercourses. Similarly, one such example can be detected of Puri, a coastal town of Odisha, where massive scale of floating populations come and go and there have been large-scale small shops which have been there and illegally granted them status in order to earn more money for the local municipality.

All these shops give taxes to the local municipality but these shops block roads as well as use large-scale polythene and that polythene when dumped in roads with air then goes into side canals to stop the flow of water and that water comes out from there and reach to roads.

There have been many large canals beside the grand road at Puri but sadly all of these canals are almost not covered and most of them have tons of polythene comes out from small temporary shops encouraged by local leaders and authorities to block stoppages of water from within it.

In two hours of rainfall, the entire area beside the main hospital is filled with water and it is almost difficult to walk across these streets. What an apathy situation considering that the grand road comes under highway authority but local administrators have been playing with rules and permitting all vendors to have shopped there.

These unwanted situations cause many disturbances within the main premises of the ancient town. It makes huge difficulties for visitors who have faced many such difficulties.

Those visitors never knew about the flow of current and also touching of electrical wires in it and probably this makes their life most difficult as most of the time when there is power on in such mini-flood situation one could never ever knew of flowing of electricity within water and that makes life difficult for most of these folks.

This is not only difficult for visitors but also this situation also changes the aquatic life of marine animals.

This changes the quality of hydraulic movement which is ultimately getting towards humans in any form or so. The whole ecosystem of the river is completely disturbed due to the advent of sewage waters from these pipes contaminates the entire flow of river watercourses.

This makes the entire situation damp and polluted and it is high time to send cleaner water towards the river so that ultimately people who are using this water should get the adequate amount of clean and unpolluted water from different sources.

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