How to activate CDN from Cpanel

Mohan Manohar Mekap
5 min readMay 15, 2020


While building a website for clients who mostly related with content delivery network mechanisms the most important part of making a website is to optimize it in terms of search engine optimization so that it will be available all the time. According to Kissmetrics a mere one second delay of website can lead to seven percentages of conversion rates. This means that you are leaving more and more leads which can convert into the stage of real perspective customers. It is important to make website faster.

It is important to make website faster. Most of websites are constructed on cPanel and most of websites are constructed on the basis of such hosts. Log into cPanel and then move to software and then cloudflare. Most of good webhosts does provide one of more dynamic ways for distribution network so that all of these provide more circulation of website from time to time, so that more and more user-engagement and it can provide more and more perspective leads and that provides more and more ways to provision towards most engaging user engagement.

While constructing a website, more and more optimizations the first and foremost importance, is to make website running faster. It is the fundamental ways of management of websites such as good hosts as well as good amount of faster software but one can find wonderful ways to make the website faster. It is important to note that in order to make your website faster and secure one can make it for the best of secure website and one can find the more and more innovative ways so that one can manage everything performance ways to distribute website faster.

Now, the next step is to connect your website with cloudflare in two ways. One is full DNS settings set up, so that the fully performance wise management and straight towards making it the most of websites to secure it completely. Other part is about, to integrate yours website in terms of cPanel so that the DNS will be the same or from the original hosting provider as well as keeping the dns same then you can connect your website with cPanel configuration. It is yours choice as the website developer you can have choice to choose in terms of speeding up yours website.

If you have full integration such as DNS management, then cloud flare integration becomes full and management of website becomes easier. If authorities DNS if you want to manage it with your own hosting manager then you can connect it with cPanel integration. CDN stands for content delivery network where CDN is circulated in and around servers around the world, and it modifies all over around world so that traces of server and traces of website that provides one of better integrated ways to manage yours website.

CDN caches the static files of website in and around different servers around the world, so that at any point of time when the user from any part of the world opens up your website, and it provides faster website rendering times so that website down load time reduces to bare minimum. For starters you can go for free option and it works nicely too and when you find you are getting more and more views and yours revenues are on the rise, then you can go for paid options in the future times. It will scan yours website and verify that how many A records, Cname, MX and TXT files and it needs to be proxies through cloudflare so as to make yours website run faster.

It is important to point name servers of yours website to cloudflare so that a successful integration of cloudflare with that of yours hosting provider is the need of the hour. It is important to update your name server through registrar. It will provide different name servers related with cloudflare. It is important to put the name servers in the correct perspective so that there would be no wrong doings. It is important to login into domain registrar. And then see the domain name setting so that, go for list of orders and click on the domain name and product.

Then go for domain registration, and then go to name server which manages name servers that this domain name uses. Name servers are used to point your domain name to your website or email service, and it is normally and generally, use two name servers for yours website. Put the name of cloudflare name servers into yours registrar hosting and you can find, the DNS information, from manage web hosting, and here you will find information regarding manage FTP accounts, files, databases, backups and statistics of website and here you will find DNS management from there.

In the name server details you will find the point your domain name of yours website registrars. Then, go to cloudflare and then connect to dns cloudflare and then check whether everything is correct. Then, we can find in detail about how to find the real-time management of learning about how website becomes faster. What it makes that most of time we do find that, more and more search engine optimization, can be prove to be one of most outstanding form of learning that it is the search performance that provides better ranking for website, and that means we can find that, apart from some sort of sites, and if you find that all of these provides some sort of disturbance to yours website then you can reimplant dns of the registrar for yours website.

In this scenario we could find that the real time management of all of these is to find out what is best for yours site and how it can still improve performance of yours website. It is for you to see and manage in which way yours website runs and that is what matters the most and for this you need to find out what suits the best for yours website and then implement it for the best performance of yours website so that it will never ever be down at any point of time.

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