*****Firefox: Can We Improve Powerful Privacy Without Breaking The Free Web? Is Your Worst Enemy. 5 Ways To Defeat It * MOHANMEKAP

Firefox Rocket:

While learning in depth about all of these features, some more privacy features come to light and Firefox will add these features to its future updates. For sometime Mozilla Firefox has been introducing some of smarter web browser for desktop and mobile devices. Its Android version of Firefox Rocket is quick and lightweight.

Firefox Focus:

Another interesting browser from Mozilla Firefox for Android is Firefox Focus. It automatically blocks ads and other web trackers. Due to the block of these trackers web pages load faster.

Firefox Send:

Another privacy enabled a feature of Firefox is ‘Send’ which is a private, encrypted file sharing and it automatically expires to ensure your files remain secure.

Firefox Mozilla study analyses Improving privacy without breaking the web:

In this research, Firefox wants to know “Does track protection breaks website? “, “Do broken websites make users leave Firefox? “ and “Are there existing privacy protections we could enable with minimal web breakage?”

Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum presents all users with regular tracking protection for their regular browsing. Regular Firefox does provide private browsing to minimize the preferred values of origins.

Suggestions about Mozilla Firefox:

Loading of mail is important. Blocking of unknown trackers to accelerate website. Tracking protection speeds up website and blocks annoying ads. The more critical factor is to block session-only third-party cookies. It does remove limitations of breakage of the website. It provides little or no mail breakage.

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