Driving Accident

Mohan Manohar Mekap
6 min readOct 26, 2018


In my own state, road accidents have increased significantly. With due course of years, there are many vehicles roaming around roads. Owing to rising income and the advent of neo-middle class people, more and more people are now buying vehicles.


The size of roads is not expanding, and owing to congestion in and around roads, many vehicles are now congesting width of roads immensely. Every day more and more persons are injuring themselves owing to road accidents.

On average, there are ten people injured on a day. In a month for 300 people and in a year more than four thousand people are injuring themselves due to mild to severe accidents.

Most careless drivers are driving and most of them are careless drivers and they have negligible knowledge about laws of driving in and around the area where they are driving.

Most of the times, they have a tendency to feel the speed while driving and the higher the speed they feel they are the better drivers. In a congestion area where it is hard, any such gap between people, most of the times they run towards these people with high voluminous speed and with a sudden spark of seconds they can feel disobedient to stop their vehicle.

Countless people feel speed is the sign of progress and for this, they love speed while driving and they want to scale the height of speed while driving inside heavy streets. It is equally a fact that higher speed led to disaster and this can ultimately death or death of people who are walking on roads.

For this, it is important to have a great scale of mind while driving and drive with a speed in which you can control the velocity and also be prepared to check the bike at once so that no one will get hurt as a result of this rash driving.

At the backside vehicle, one can find the caption, speed is dangerous, but the driver does not care for it and always tend to drive with great speed that can have most of the times perilous bystanders.

Floating populations and street vendors:

It is time to have a strong government as well as non-government rules and regulations so that speed drivers should have the fear of the law while driving.

It needs to be created among these drivers as it is always necessary for a convincing act so as to work as a deterrent in order to have a strong sense of safety parameter while driving on roads. Road department, as well as police checks these rash driving.

Their numbers are not sufficient enough to counter all these menaces. Puri is a religious place and an important tourist destination. Here the width of the grand road is highest in Odisha.

Sadly, most of the spaces in these roads have been acquired by local vendors who are selling strictly foods to visitors. Being an important place of interest in terms of religion as well as tourist destinations, Puri is witnessing a large scale influx of visitors who are turning here in holidays in large numbers.

There are numerous floating visitors and most of them are reaching here and have been eating strict food for cheaper food products. Even after the court’s verdict, these street vendors could not leave these places as they have blessings of different influential people and their names are out in open from time to time in local newspapers.

Why this is happening, as the primary cause of this is the advent of money and they are paying part of their profits to influential and they are protecting their right to open shops from there.

Even time and again in the local electronic broadcasting system is accusing municipalities of protecting the interest of these strict vendors.

So, why all these are happening?

The primary cause of this is the advent of plenty of money and most of the times all have been paying part of their benefits to different influential in order to have the chunk part of money distributing all around.

Badly behaved auto-pullers:

There are plenty of machine rickshaws which are locally called as “auto” have been roaming around the streets of Puri and most of them are criminals and have their auto without registration but still these are running on roads without any such fear and apprehension.

Most of them are members of different associations and associations are controlled by many influential people of this place. What it does to them be the initiation of rash driving and high speed driving in times rush hours enables most of the times difficult to manage traffic and thus creates accidents. All these empower them to go for careless driving.

Most of the times, law enforcing authorities are indulged in giving and take relationships which are hampering safe and security of these areas and for this, it is high time to have a strong sense of anti-corruption drive among law enforcing authorities in order to have a complete state of peace of mind among people.

This power all these rash drivers to go for rash driving and they know how to control the law enforcing authorities in which manner so that they will not be caged into iron hands of the law.

It is high time for a strong sense of consciousness among the different class of people and alert citizens should always stay confident and stay according to rules and regulations in order to have a complete sense of security among people at large.


There are several factors which are the principal cause of accidents and among all these drivers of a vehicle are the most significant of the lot and for this, he is the sole defender or destroyer of what is happening all around. He can control the scale of the accident.

It might be starting from serious to small-scale injuries. One has to be extremely cautious and careful while driving as every life is precious and it is the duty of the driver to prevent and preserve the life of people who are walking on roads.

There are some external factors such as bad road, narrow roads, lack of light, the advent of evils, stress, depression, the advent of temples or bad eyesight, but all these can be overcome easily with a perfect sense of mind with a carefully slower driving. Many a time, young mass, criminals and rash drivers love to drive at a fast speed.

This results from inadvertent accidents among people who ultimately create panic among people who are residing there. People who have taken contrabands, tend to drive crash and most of the times they try to drive with the wind and this creates accidents as people have hardly any time to recover from the speeding vehicle.

Be careful, when you are driving with a speeding vehicle does not push for a speedy break while driving as it can give less time to the following vehicle in the dark and in this process that can hit the back of your vehicle.

So, while driving be conscious of attending certain speed which will give time to drivers of the black vehicle to adjust in case you have applied suddenly break.

Be careful while crossing streets, and especially look at different sides while crossing streets fill with people and be judicious in what roads as well as inroads that are full of curves and slopes.

There should be stringent laws while approving licenses for drivers and if all these safety precautions are duly taken care of, with proper safe driving practices, safety on the road will always be there for the people and driving becomes an enjoyment phenomenon.

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