Coding vs. Programming: A Never Ending Debate

Mohan Manohar Mekap
3 min readOct 22, 2021


Website designing and website coding are two completely separate entities. If you want to create a website with the help of the codes then you will have to follow and be careful of many compatibility issues as in the long run these codes need to be updated and upgraded so that it should comply with latest technologies developments. For this you need to see whether your code is making a seamless coordination between server where all data stays and then with execution so that there should not be any difficulties of website connecting with respect to codes and other formats which combine both server as well as hosting file systems.

It is easier to create a standalone website with the help of HTML coding as these codings and the state of the website will never ever change in the times to come and your website becomes completely static entities. What about creating a dynamic website where you need to receive customer queries as well as respond to them in a timely manner. If you build website for hospitality and hotel industries then it should be dynamic as from time to time and even in some cases the respondents data need to be filled all at a sudden as well as they can also able to access their health or hotel staying experience with the help of website and with any of devices they would like to use.

So, in this world of data flow where data flows comes within seconds you need to store relevant data on yours server as well as to see whether those data are not leaked to wrongful persons and for this extremely critical security mechanisms needs to be placed so that only authorised users can access their private information and these should not be going to any of hackers who can sell these data and the members can be at the state of stealing of their personal presence. Here, server security is important and entry to the server should be provided to the correct persons as well as there are issues related with whether such customers who browse your data should have the complete control of sense of security otherwise shoulder surfers can take away information quite easily.

So for all of this as a developer while making or designing websites we need to fully focus upon code that should be free from any code injections as well as there should not be any scope for hackers to get into your server through the help of wrongful and ordinary codings. It is important to design websites in correlation with server space as well as through hosting space and for this many self determined coding mechanisms are there where you could go for advanced mechanisms of developing a website where every security and convenience of users must be looked at.

For this modern developers go for total coding mechanisms where they can find use of each and every stages of coding to be well maintained by entire coding software automation so that they would never ever be worry about these inclinations of lapse of security, security of servers and so they can freely move to the codes where all can be looked into different dynamics so that size development will be far easier and a smoother process. That is why big domain registrars such as Wix, Big Rock do provide their own software which works in your web browser without any difficulties and developers can easily create not so important website developments without worrying for major difficulties in coding infrastructure.

Let us talk about the simplest web presentation that can be done with Google My Business without worrying about even a single line of code anywhere and this makes your business presence awesome as it continues to stay in the limelight and with simple website mechanisms from Google. Most procedures related with dynamics of customer management come up easily installed and you don’t have to go coding with it and in order to understand how it works you can check the website after publishing it from the edit site and this makes understanding of website management easier. It is advisable to use such coding infrastructure which are being updated daily and you will find all security and conventional updates so that working with it will never ever be difficult for you as well as creating the right environment of coding makes you build it to its most precise website designing. (DONE)