On an earlier occasion, I have been using Symbian made phones from Nokia. The Symbian operating system does not have a good rapport with touchscreen compatibility. The response time of it is slow and not smoother.

Users are sometimes confused with double tapping and other usages. One has to enable the vibrate function in order to work comfortably with touch screens. Once it is the number one mobile operating system is slowly reduced to a stiff fallback in its rank.

This is unfortunate and unwarranted. The market leader should have stressed more on research and other related updates. Most of the Symbian updates almost corrupt the operating system. There is one real-life experience from this author about updates of this operating system.

I have a Nokia C6 mobile phone and I have used it for various works as I bought it by keeping in mind that it will work as multitasking and help me on numerous interrelated tasks. I updated the operating system through Nokia OVI desktop software and after update within an hour. Phone be sluggish and slower than earlier.

Within two days, the touch screen was non-functional. It is an extraordinary situation. After updating the operating system, it is expected to work smoothly and nicely. Instead, it is stopping its functions. I cannot call on the phone as the touch screen works and responds very slowly. I have to wait for ages to return to previous screens.

My phone becomes slow and touch screen seems to be giving more and more annoyance and wait that slowly I feel bored with it. On some other occasions while installing some applications the waiting time is forever and the phone hangs for some time and that gives the complete annoyance to the user.

This is the space which a market leader gives it to the followers who closely watch the permanent lacuna of the market leader. Similar happenings occurred when for sometimes only Maruti the premier car maker of India unable to produce satisfactory quality diesel engines and this Tata enters into the car market with the introduction of a nice and efficient diesel car.

Maruti, later on, recovered from the jinx of making diesel car and comes out with efficient cars to counter Tata. This is a subtle competitive spirit and with the competition from Tata and Maruti more and more affordable diesel cars reached into the market and it becomes the consumer delight.

In the case of Nokia’s Symbian operating system, the main part and the efficiency which are lacking within it is the complete blackness in tackling mobile touch screen compatibility. Its touch screen does not work fine and for this major lacking is touch screen technology evolution.

That market took by Android from Google and they have complete overridden power for this. With continuous updates from Google mobile operating system making it more secure and seamless environment for the user to work for their daily task out. I purchased Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos one month back and it is loaded with Android Jelly Bean and within one month.

This operating system has undergone two updates. This signifies that. It is constantly developed and the newer feature is in addition to it. In the first update which is within 40 MB, after installation it gives a new feature of one-handed the operation which is added to its settings tab.

One can now operate the five-inch phone within one hand in the settings of the keypad and In-call buttons, Samsung keypad, unlocking the phone, calculator an offline user guide.

While writing this article, the second update of Android Jelly Bean is going on and it is over 70 MB download and it is currently continuing. Watch this space for more about these updates later on.

The most prominent part of the latest Jelly Bean operating system from Android is that of its developer option. Here you can utilize the GPU for the launching of applications. It will give the speed and sufficient power for more exhaustive utilization of resources.

With the introduction of live wallpapers within desktop and lock screen, the smartphone becomes more secure and it is running with some of the most distinguishable aspects of communicative utility. In this stylish phone, one can download apps from two significant sources, one is Google Play and the other is Samsung’s app store.

It is recommended to go to settings and the security and do not allow third party store to install applications. This will reduce the malicious as downloading from Google apps will enable that all the apps should be clean as Google is constantly checking these apps, about matures within applications.

This sounds great and this one should always try to install apps only from Google play in their Android devices. Apart from this, there is a good number of free antivirus are there and one can download these apps from Google Play and install it, and scan from time to time to check system statuses.

I personally like two games so far, the first in the rating of mine is temple run 2 and followed closely by fruit ninza2. The second part of Fruit Ninja has some bug fixes. In the first part when you garner bonus points during freezing and doubling the screen tend to be still and mobile hung for some time.

In the updated second editions this does not happen and also the graphics seem to be lighter and nice and in some other day, I shall definitely write about the review of both games, their pros and cons and suggestions. Temple run is additive up to five times in the series of gameplay.

The only problem with this game is that you can play with a widescreen; one has to play it with a vertical screen. Fruit Ninja 2 takes time to load than its previous version.

While installing this version forgets to uninstall the previous one and maybe that is slowing it down while starting with this game. There may be loading time bugs with this version so it is time for update fruit Ninja 2 to make it load rapidly than ever before.

The more brilliant aspect Android operating system is its readability and the arrangement of different applications in an ordered way so that you will not be confusing while searching for any applications. There are more than six desktops and you can customize it according to your applications preferences.

The third desktops seem to be the default one. All the desktops have similar wallpapers. You cannot change the individual wallpapers of all active desktops.

In the third desktop which seems to be the default one has one nice AccuWeather widget which gives absolutely real-time weather updates with cloud or sun position and also it gives the temperature and other interesting information.

Within live wallpapers, there was an option for AccuWeather information, which will give you real-time feelings of weather. During the sunshine, it will give real-time sun effect and during rain.

Drops of rain will be there within your android desktop. It is a nice live wallpaper and I personally activated this on my galaxy smartphone.

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Originally published at mohanmekap.com on October 25, 2018.