An approach to Precis — Writing

Précis-writing for the daily to summaries effectively. The summery ought to be precise, concise and authentic. Without sacrificing essential points, it should be expressed in few words. A précis should be one –third the length of the original password,

1. First read the original passage with concentration,

2. Try to minimize the informational explosion in the given passage,

3. The précis must be written in yours own words,

4. It must be coherent, continuous whole, preferably in single paragraph,

5. It must make complete sense,

6. It must be simple, cogent and grammatical,

7. Do not follow the order of the original sentence. Rearrange the entire sentence structure, try to be more logical,

8. As far as possible use indirect speech,

9. Revise twice, check for mistakes,

10. Write your fair copy only after you have satisfied yourself that you cannot improve if further,

11. Exercise yours privilege to censor the passage,

12. Leaves out all elaboration, repetitions and illustrations and persist to only bare essentials while writing précis,

13. Make a set of notes and a rough draft,

14. Find a suitable total for paragraph,

15. Read the passage a number of times,

16. Try to find the theme of the passage,

17. The heading of the passage may be a word phrase or a short sentence, signifying the main idea of the passage,

18. Précis writing demands extensive brain-work, invading attentive reading concentrated thoughts.

19. Write should be true to original but of a much reduced length,

20. Compressed the paragraph, without any distortion of the facts,

21. Understand the paragraph and rewrite briefly what has been read,

22. Employ both the skills of comprehension and composition,

23. Do not omit important points,

24. Check the word limit, compare with the original.


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