India Today has Aadhaar which is very popular. There are supporters and opposition to it. Still, its immense importance of creating one of the largest databases of largest democracy. It provides 12 digits unique identification number to each

During initial days of Aadhaar that is during the year of 2009 or one or two years beyond it was announced that every citizen must have this card for their identity. During those times many private financial institutions were given this responsibility. During the early years of its implementation, it was aimed to provide limitations of supply of cards and for this, there was the rush of people during those days to find their identification cards. During those times, most of the private organisations had been given responsibility and they were also providing some sort of black-marketing at the minimal level in order to take advantage of it. First, they used to provide application forms which should have been given with ease but those are given to some private individuals who instead of giving away free of cost to citizens have been selling at the price of 200 or more Indian bucks during those times. What it makes is that before these are available to people who are standing in rows at those private organisations most of the times these tends to lose its momentum as most of these applications forms reach to people who paid some money and do not have to stand in front of rows. During those times, these have been proven to be in the state of injustice towards the people who used to stand in rows since morning as well as these prove to be absolute state of black marketing as during those times it seems that these organisations are only interested in taking and garnering money as they intended to sell it through local black marketers in order to earn handsome money from it. During those times some of these private organisations who had given the responsibility to award Aadhaar card to citizens, as has been evident that they deliberately make these process, segmented in order to allow middle persons to take control of their gains. Sometimes, these middle person who perceivably in connivance with these people have been most of the times, the local uncivilised persons and most of them are lieutenants of local political parties. During initial times of Aadhaar implementation if it is been looked correctly one would find that most of the times these are the series of beneficiaries who tend to find Aadhaar card for their supporters of political parties, and the most important part is to create such fake identities card or for people and later on perhaps they do not know the stability of Aaadhaar card system which has stronger base and management towards absolute state of creating a supported and unique identity cards for citizens. Ultimately all those fake cards never ever get started as Aadhaar card seamlessly integrated with biometric and demographic data. In its initial years of implementation, the bonding between private organisations and middlemen in getting money where all of these features should have been free of cost and the long rows and the chaos that come with it ultimately ended seemingly after the incoming of the new government in the year of 2014. The story of aadhaar and its continual saga goes on forever as currently, the parties which started this are now doubting that it is leaking privacies of individuals and the matter is currently at Supreme Court of India. Most foreign countries have praised this comprehensive and largest identification of citizens. What it makes worth of it is that now it is becoming super easier, for providing direct benefits to citizens on their bank accounts. What provides the most interesting aspect of this above-said incident is that these happen mostly in smaller localities and most of the times in the localities where the chances of glances of media persons in these incidents are of lesser capacity. Be it in the sense of providing free of cost applications with the most attached and distribute it through middle persons or be it numbering of applications for biometrics set up all becomes at times comes with the cost and that makes for some time entire exercise at the level of extreme deeper village level a mockery but with times where even standing in rows have become difficult as most of these middle persons tend to move into these and that also makes standing in front of scorching sun difficult but still it is worth of it having the unique identification card receiving early. It is evident in its initial years of implementation by providing this task to private organisations in some areas, and at some locations due to the feeling of people that they will find money on their bank accounts and linking them with it and for this many people rushes for this identity cards. That is why at times most of the people who used to drive manual rickshaws or open smaller shops tend to flock there and most of the times in order to get it done faster they tend to pay more where in reality they should not have done so and it is almost a free service.

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Originally published at on November 6, 2018.