Firefox privacy team is conducted in the shield study and many Firefox users actively participated in this. It conducted user research to know in depth about how privacy protections affect users.

There were 19000 respondents and the research team finds out eight variations in behaviours of users. Firefox unblocks some of its existing privacy features to let users see what their behaviour is a matter of.

While doing so it comes to light about some of the new dimensions where these features could be augmented and some additional fields with which the realm of privacy protection could go forward.

Firefox Rocket:


Webdevelopment is the main criteria where we do find more and more difficulties in dealing with WordPress based self-hosted sites which works in two way manner is that of one it first needs to connect to a content management system and then it runs a website in yours web browser.

In the Chrome for android version 87.0.4280.101 I found a new feature from its Settings menu.Then go to P:rivacy and Security and then go to Secure DNS and click on the drop down and then select Google Public DNS. See the screen recorder.

I updated Google Chrome for android in…

Microsoft Clarity is the alternative to Google Analytics from Google and it says that it will provide more and more clarity in defining behavioral aspects of users while browsing clarity installed websites. I

t is free to use and user with self-hosted word press website and it can be installed in all forms of websites but this article is specific to the use of analytics behavioral aspects related with understanding the way user provides their behavior to the owner of the website.

Table of contents

Microsoft Clarity’s session replays:

Microsoft Clarity Heatmaps:

Microsoft Clarity Insights:

Microsoft Clarity helps to grow…

We are living in the era of Windows 10. Now we do not have to wait for perspective accumulative and cumulative updates as it is now just like that of Android OS updates and in order to move from one side to that of the other operating system, you needs to download exact operating system not from time to time different updates. So, now we got stable environment where it is now equally well-protected with Wndows Defender which secures operating system with its updates and it comes up with silent updates. Now, most of apps can be downloaded from Microsoft…

The objectives of levying a service tax are: (i) shrinking of the tax base as the share of industry in GDP decreases while that of services expands; (ii) failure to tax services distorts consumer choices and encourages spending on services at the expense of goods; (iii) untaxed service traders are unable to claim VAT on service inputs, which encourages businesses to develop in-house services, creating further distortions; and (iv) most of the services that are likely to become taxable are positively correlated with expenditure of high-income households and, therefore, service tax improves equity. In the Indian context, taxation of services…

Risk is inherent and absolutely unavoidable in banking. Risk is the potential loss an asset or a portfolio is likely to suffer due to a variety of reasons. As a financial intermediary, bank assumes or restructures risks for its clients. A simple example for this would be acceptance of deposits. A more sophisticated example is an interest rate swap. A bank while operating on behalf of the customers as well as on its own behalf, has to face various types of risks associated with those transactions. Prudent banking lies in identifying, assessing and minimizing these risks. …

With a Bluetooth wireless personal area, the network is possible. It is wireless technology. Its area within the short distance. It uses special radio waves to transmit and receive signal. It is a short-linked radio technology.

Now, with evert smart handset, blue tooth technology is there. It is inside setting of the phone. It is there in the windows computer. Bluetooth units over one communication protocols.

Modern smart phones use Bluetooth technology to provide stronger location detection. Most peer-to-peer transfer protocols work with bluetooth to detect and manage stronger data communication. Windows computers work flawlessly with this technology.

Internet data…

After the liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) process in the early 1990s, the organizations have come to understand the fact that the people are the centre of the whole system. For creating a performing organization and to sustain the performance, HRD orientation needs, to be top down and should also involve the line managers to ensure sustainable peak performance. It is evident that most of the problems in an organization are human related, as human beings are dynamic and complex.

Hence, human resource development is a challenging job. Moreover, unless organizations learn to tune human resources, success will be elusive…

All android phones have Google Play Store to download apps. It is from Google and it is safe and secure. It is integrated with Google Play Protect which scans each and every android apps installed from android application environment other than that of Play Store. This article deals with phones such as Lyf mobiles and Xiaomi mobiles which have another option to install app from play stores. Further these two variants of phones are of 4G volte phones and these provides slow internet with application installed from Google Play Store.

Due to the presence of sandboxing environment and different security…

Introduction: The main theme around which Windows 7 was based on how it would like to work for the consumer and corporates. It was based on around 4000 IT companies feedback. It would like to resolve all the aspirations of consumers such as faster , smarter, lighter OS. This OS simply does what it is supposed to with all the visual presentations which is the trend of the modern OS.

Table of Contents:
IntroductionHardware SpecificationsWhy windows 7 is superior to its predecessorsNew Windows 7 featuresWindows 7 tips and tricksConclusion:

Hardware Specifications

A robust OS can be customized according to the hardware that…

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